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Short Documentary questioning the relationship between the people who use a public/communal toilet and the person who cleans it... focusing on an art school...
5 Mar 2007
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Little buggers are finding great fun in pulling all the paper off the roll.
6 Jul 2007
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Brilliant prank! They use 2 identical twins on each side of the glass. These people are getting quite upset not seing their own reflection.
21 Oct 2007
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Watch this toilet clean its own seat! You will wish all public bathrooms had this convenience. No more messing around with toilet seat covers or worrying about what germs are on the toilet seat.
16 Mar 2008
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*******rich4.blogspot**** CWS Funny Exclusive Commercial
7 Apr 2008
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This is usually what happens when we drink 4 pitches and decide to visit the ladies room.
13 Jun 2009
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This is my cat Diana peeing in the potty.. what a smart girl!
6 Sep 2008
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girl hurted in the bathroom for more videos visit dzlux****
9 Nov 2008
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Kid flush that head video very funny must see....:-)and give it 5 star
5 Feb 2009
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On November & December 2005 two Toronto Police agents have committed sabotages in this Toilet at 456 College Street to cause exterme stress for Major Nourhaghighi who was prosecuting two two members of Canadian Security and Inteligent Service [CSIS] for Conspiracy & Crimes against public and him.
13 Oct 2010
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If you’re thinking of washing away your dated bathroom and updating the fixtures, flooring and finishes, get some expert advice. Dennis Larocque encourages customers to climb into the tubs to make sure they feel comfortable. Soaker tubs are extra-deep and feature a sloped back to accommodate relaxation. Whirlpool tubs add bubbles and massaging jets to the experience.
14 Jan 2010
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Back in 1981, Larocque started his bathtub refinishing business, working out of his basement. Today the Hamilton Bathtub King location features an extensive showroom that showcases both bathroom and kitchen displays. www.dailywebtv****
13 Apr 2010
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Image Faker iPhone App Review and Test
26 Oct 2010
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BY JULIA CORDEROY ANCHOR MEGAN MURPHY You're watching multisource tech news analysis from Newsy. On the road-- gotta go-- and can’t find a place to stop? There’s an app for that. It’s called CLOO’ – which stands for “community plus loo.” New York Daily News has the lowdown. “The ‘CLOO’ app aims to create a network of like-minded, trusting people using social networking to solve ‘the problem of too-few easily accessible restrooms.’” Straight from the source-- the founders of the service explain how it works. “In your time of need, open CLOO’ to search for available nearby restrooms. Using your social media connections, CLOO’ shows what friends you have in common with the host, adding a dimension of security and comfort. Select the host to your liking and submit a request.” (Vimeo) CLOO’ has received loads of support -- not only for its services, but for its concept. A writer for The Utopianist says… “Here’s why I like this app: it reflects an fantastically optimistic vision of humanity. Its founders view the world as being full of people who will happily let strangers in off the street to poop in their bathrooms.” But others say the idea is- well- crap. Here’s Arizona’s KNXV. Anchor (KNXV): “You go to any hotel and walk in, just walk in! They all have bathrooms in the lobby and they are all better than the truck stops and the Burger Kings and anything else you can find. And then you’re not going in a stranger person’s house that you may never leave. It’s like the ‘roach motel’ they go in but they don’t come out.” The Cloo team is preparing the app for Apple iOS and hopes to introduce an Android version in the future. If you’ve got either of those platforms-- make sure you’ve updated your mobile device to the latest version of Newsy’s award-winning app! Transcript by Newsy
20 Sep 2011
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I know you all can relate to this and at least know one person who will be going to have a kid like this in the future. Mention their names.
27 Aug 2018
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I was driving thru nothern california when i stopped a gas station to use the washroom listen for screaming
14 Jan 2007
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