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Global life water UF plant Ultra-filtration Ultra-filtration plant features The ultra-filtration plant uses hollow fibres to take particulate matter out of the water. The fibre walls are porous, letting water through and keeping particles behind. A cross section reveals thousands of hollow fibres packed inside. Even the tiny holes in the walls of a fibre can be viewed by a powerful microscope. They act as a sieve, whereby larger material is left and cleansed. There are about 9,600 fibres in one vessel and four vessels in one long module. There are 40 vessel units in the new plant and an estimated 43,008,000 fibres cleaning the city's water. Application( water treatment): 1) Drinking water. 2) Clarifying and eliminating bacterial for mineral water 3) Water treatment for medicine 4) Separation and refinement of enzyme 5) Concentration and refinement of biologic products 6) Concentration and separation of fruit juice 7) Concentration and refinement of milking 8) Pre - treatment of large water treatment equipment. 9) Terminal treatment of ultra-pure water for electronic industry 10) Pouring in water treatment for extremely low permeable wells in oil field. 11) Treatment of industrial waste water and reclamation of usable material.. Category:
29 Nov 2010
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