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Waterslide Octopus in Second Life
19 Apr 2007
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This looks like a lot of fun. These guys do various stunts when riding down a waterslide.
25 Oct 2008
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College guys on a waterslide with a terrible outcome! The superslide of pain. Waterslide gone wrong!
24 May 2008
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100 yards... this just looks friggin’ awesome. These guys built what may just be the world’s largest homemade waterslide and emptied it into a lake.
20 Jul 2008
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A group of lifeguards have fun in waterslides during a staff party.
9 Feb 2009
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The new 60 sec Barclaycard ad which shows an office worker taking off his clothes and getting into a waterslide, which he rides on his commute home. During his journey, the commuter, played by Gavin and Stacey actor Robert Wilfort, uses a Barclaycard to swipe his way through subway system gates and buy groceries. The ad features the 1976 single 'Let Your Love Flow' by the Bellamy Brothers.
24 Oct 2008
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A behind the scenes look at the making of the new Barclaycard waterslide advert, filmed in Sao Paulo staring Robert Wilfort.
25 Oct 2008
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Barclaycard waterslide advert, 30 seconds, this one pushes the new contactless technology from Barclaycard
6 Nov 2008
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Barclaycard Waterslide Advert that was released in cinemas nationwide.
5 Nov 2008
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Scenes of Atlantis Resort waterslides, the lazy river, and gorgeous aquamarine pools from a dream vacation to Paradise Island, Bahamas. Visit *******www.theme-park-review**** for first-hand photos and candid reviews about the best (and worst) theme park destinations. The song in the background is "Solfiggietto" by Veronique off her most recent album, "Chanson." You can check out more of her music at *******cdbaby****/cd/veroniqued . Thanks for watching!
6 Jan 2009
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***********/user/Barclaycardcreate Top our film and win a watersliding tour of the world! Barclaycard are challenging you to create a version of their waterslide film. All you need to do is create a waterslide, film it and post it to ***********/barclaycardcreate to enter the competition. The film that gets the most votes on YouTube will win a once in a lifetime trip for two riding some of the world's top waterslides in Dubai, China, Brazil, Germany and the US. You'll also get a camera and a laptop to blog about your trip. The waterslide film features a group of students creating a miniature version of the Barclaycard waterslide TV ad, using household items such as buckets, mops, empty water bottles, baked bean tins and even a set of legs from a shop mannequin! The students then launch 'Dangerous Dan' down the slide and across the road to the local off licence to pay for some goods. The film was shot in Shoreditch in London. You can download the making of from our FTP at *******www.daredigital****/extranet/Barclays/020209/ Uploaded for Barclaycard
4 Feb 2009
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Hi! We have made this for a barlcaycard youtube competition yo create tour own waterslide! Please help us by going to vote for this: 1.Click ***********/barclaycardcreate 2. Click the blue vote tab 3. Search 'pool' in gallery of entries 4. click the video and give it a green thumbs up! :D Thank you so much Hope you enjoyed it! :D
5 Apr 2009
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an app review on Waterslide Extreme, one of the top 25 free appstore games: *******hubpages****/_metacafe/hub/waterslide_extreme
27 Jul 2009
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Bruno Kammerl built the biggest waterslide on earth and the test run was more than successful :-) Watch it!
5 Aug 2009
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Barclaycard : Waterslide 下班滑水回家
3 Feb 2010
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Waterslide Decals ist die Lösung für alle, die eine authentische, individuelle Gitarre oder einen Bass wollen: Wer will schon Fender oder Gibson auf der Kopfplatte stehen haben. Richtig cool wäre es doch, den eigenen Namen oder sogar das eigene Bandlogo zu präsentieren – und mit unserer bedruckbaren Nassschiebefolie haben wir dafür die passende Lösung. Der Vorgang ist simpel: Schleifen Sie vorsichtig das alte Logo ab und grundieren Sie die Gitarre oder den Bass an dieser Stelle mit einem Glanzlack. Schneiden Sie Ihr neues Wunschmotiv aus dem Druckbogen formschön aus. Legen Sie es dann für rund eine Minute in kaltes Wasser. Wenn sich das Decal problemlos mit den Fingern vom Trägerpapier lösen lässt, ist es soweit: Platzieren Sie das Motiv, tupfen Sie es vorsichtig ab und lassen Sie es trocknen. Am Folgetag sollten Sie das Logo mit einem Klarlack zur Versiegelung versehen. Die Decals von sind eine kostengünstige Methode, um seinem Instrument eine eigene Note zu geben.
23 Feb 2011
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