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Here's Tan Weiwei, demonstrating her traditional Chinese way of singing. She has amazing control over her vocals.
23 Sep 2019
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Tu hi to meri dost hai - Faisal Tasleem ! was in Yuvraaj and music was by A.R.RahmanHere I haven't used the original music, and the way of singing is not actually A.R.Rahman's i tried to do it in my voice!!!!! with my style.....
6 Jul 2009
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As I entered the 2nd year of my Piano Jazz Project, I was looking for a way to bring the challenge to next level... I couldn't think of a better way but to try a collaboration over YT and to play with the structure of a proper Jazz Trio. When I discovered Siobhan Red, I was immediately moved by her genuine way of singing and her grace. It was for me becoming evident that it should not only be a trio, but one that supports a singer. Once she accepted the collaboration, then the fun part started...we decided to give a go with Officially Missing You (Tamia) was to find the best partners to form a Jazz Trio. Russell A. Worrell (Drums) and Don Howell (Bass) are worth discovering... and simply put, they are pros. Both surprised me (Russ by suggesting we go for a R&B style beat for this song) and Don for his ideas and guidance over improving the harmonics and best way for me to resolve some arrangements between the piano and the strings. Playing with a vocal and forming this trio over YT definitely helped me in my quest of learning the piano - delivering a piece that brings the challenge to the next level was both inspiring and a personal way to pay respect to you all supporting me over the last 14months in reaching my goal. It is a privilege to be playing with such distinguished musicians and to present this piece back to you. I owe Siobhan, Don and Russ a lot for having played the game all along! Was a hell of a lot of fun - I sincerely hope that you will like this love song. Bless you all, and enjoy. Arnaud ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Siobhan Red (Voice), Orlando, USA, Youtube SiobhanMaya Don Howell (Bass), Seattle, USA Youtube MrPiccolobass Russell A. Worrell (Drums), NYC, USA, Youtube MrDrummer222 Arnaud Quercy (Piano), London, UK, Youtube querar1
22 Mar 2011
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Megadeth tornado of souls bass cover video Megadeth is an American heavy metal band led by its founder and main songwriter, Dave Mustaine. It is one of the main heavy metal bands; He has appeared several times in the top 10 of the Billboard charts, and has sold more than 25 million copies worldwide. Megadeth tornado of souls bass cover video It was created in 1983, after Mustaine was expelled from Metallica, where he held the position of guitarist. Since then, the band has released twelve studio albums, three EPs and two live albums. Megadeth tornado of souls bass cover video The formation of Megadeth has changed a lot and constantly throughout its history, partly because of substance abuse by Dave Mustaine, which has caused various problems with the rest of the band. Megadeth tornado of souls bass cover video After regaining sobriety and finding a stable formation after entering a clinic because of such problems, Megadeth won several platinum and gold albums, including the multi-platinum album and Grammy nomination, 'Countdown to Extinction', in 1992. Megadeth tornado of souls bass cover video Megadeth disbanded in 2002 after Mustaine suffered a severe nerve injury to his left arm, but after intense physical therapy, the guitarist reformed the band in 2004 and Megadeth released the album Megadeth tornado of souls bass cover video 'The System Has Failed'. Megadeth is known for its distinctive style in guitars, Mustaine's peculiar way of singing, and the themes of his lyrics, often recurring, about politics, war, and, more recently, romantic relationships. Megadeth tornado of souls bass cover video Two music videos of the band have been censored on the MTV music channel due to a
23 Jan 2019
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