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im rudy thats my real name i do vids about fails yeahh wish you enjoy
More *******www.failfunnies**** Is it possible to go from 'best man' to 'guy we'll never talk to again because you destroyed my special day' in 10 seconds. If your still bored, check out/add my profile if you like 'fails' or are into that sort of thing.
20 May 2009
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7 Dec 2010
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4 Nov 2012
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2 Oct 2017
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Freestyle, dance
25 Jun 2018
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How to ruin a wed 101
17 Oct 2008
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where is she going ?
19 Jan 2011
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Wedding Minister Pukes Her Brains Out While Bride Are Exchanging Vows
6 May 2017
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Best Indian Bike Stunt Fail in India 2017 It happens only in India Theme Compilation of fresh failures, funny accidents bloopers,Burnouts,Drifts wheelies and more awesome stuff on camera performed mainly throughout different parts of India. Please don't perform these acts at your home.
11 Aug 2017
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Hanging a Chandelier Epic Fail
15 Nov 2017
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Bride’s dress is one of the most important things of a girl’s life and this Penguin just pooped on it and destroyed the excitement of the picture moment.
7 Feb 2018
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Wedding always goes on with some musical moments, but sometimes a low budget musician can destroy the entertainment which we wish to carry on.
14 Feb 2018
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