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21 Dec 2019
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Learn the first steps that are needed in order to sprout your lotus seeds! You can also learn how to weed out the good seeds from the bad ones so you can maximize your efficiency! The Lotus plant is an absolutely beautiful example of God's great nature! There are so many different varieties and all of them are completely stunning. We truly have a green God! Thank you all so much for watching, be sure to stick around for more great GARDENING ADVENTURES!
24 Dec 2019
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A video of a lot of people smoking weed in different ways...
3 Aug 2006
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Nothing matters, just weed. Thats a hell lot of weed...
2 Aug 2006
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schwarzenegger smoking weed
1 Nov 2006
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*:.Weed-Boy's.:* Clan
9 Jun 2007
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This is my very talenterd dog attacking the weed eater at my parents house
12 Jun 2007
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Check out our red carpet interviews with Mary Louise Parker and the other stars of Weeds at the Season 3 premiere!
24 Aug 2007
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An extract from the last episode of Weeds, season 1. Andy trys to explain geopolitics to Doug.
23 Aug 2007
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People claim that's drugs and specifically, Marijuana, aka pot, weed brings them to spiritual realms. However, it must be clarified that these so- called spiritual experiences are drug induced and are hallucinations. A spiritual person does not need a drug to relax them; they understand that meditation is the true key to relaxation. Yes, you may see colors and feel a little bit high, but hallucinations are not the reality of soul. The only way to know soul is through self-awareness and meditation, not drugs. By harming your body, your instrument becomes impaired thus preventing you from knowing soul.
5 Jan 2008
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Weed vs. Beer. Catch Comedy Central’s new series Root of All Evil Wednesdays 10:30/9:30c, only on Comedy Central. *******www****edycentral****/
25 Jun 2008
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Jeremy Clarkson shows us his "expert" and original way of removing weeds from the garden.
24 Mar 2008
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Tha Door Ta Tha Weed Hideout Is Being Opened Ta Tha Public Watch N See What Lays Behind Tha Door
31 Mar 2008
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*******www.cleanairgardening****/24v-cordless-trimmer.html Light and easy to use, the cordless trimmer has a long lasting battery pack and rotating handle to so you can clear all your yard edges no matter the angle they grow.Now weed whacking is fun!
9 Apr 2008
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Watch Weeds Episodes at *******weedstvshow.blogspot****/ A widowed suburban mother determinedly keeps up appearances in her idyllic community, whose residents remain oblivious to the fact that she's the source of the high-quality marijuana that's suddenly flooded the neighborhood. In Season 2, Nancy has evolved into a true business woman from her humble beginnings as a dealer. She now must struggle her obligations to her family and her new found "career." She is in a romantic relationship with Peter who, unbeknownst to her, is a DEA agent. Her questionable choices continue to play havoc with her life.
10 Apr 2008
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“What you choose today….affects who you are tomorrow” Is what the text says… The ad starts with a teen smoking weed, then gradually the more he smokes he turns into a giant bud- then breaks out of it as a balding, loser-ish old man. What a bunch of shit. This is a tax payers funded lie about the most powerful plant on the planet, Hemp. You could easily do this same ad about ANY DRUG- and the results would probably be worse. There is nothing wrong with smoking weed…and I’m fed up with the government trying to make me feel bad about something I know to not be bad. Office of National Drug Control Policy- YOU ARE A BUNCH OF LIARS!!! www.cannabischorus**** www.generationrevolution**** www.drugwarsoldiers****
27 Apr 2008
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