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Its a javascript that makes the images of any website fly around. It happens only in the browser so no risk at all for the selected page. Write the code somewhere then make just "Copy & Paste"
21 Oct 2007
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What are these weird images in the fox channel?
6 Jun 2009
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*******GetaNintendo3DS**** - If looking for more Nintendo 3DS pictures, then you're going to like this video. I mean, everybody know nows how the new nintendo 3ds looks like, but... how about when it haven't been released? I've made this video with all the nintendo 3ds pictures that were all over the net when Nintendo just confirmed the rumor about this new game console. There're some cool images, some really weird images and also some almost official images of the nintendo 3ds. You could say this video is kind of a documentary video with all the pictures that made us dream about this new 3DS. Maybe you have seen some of them before and maybe you're going to be surprise for others. This video is for nintendo 3ds fans. I've collected this nintendo 3ds pictures by myself and I hope you could have a good moment by looking at it. Enjoy it. Oh! And if you like in the USA, then you can go to: *******GetaNintendo3DS****
25 Jul 2011
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