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7 Mar 2008
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This bulldog is practically begging to get petted and making some pretty weird sounds to get the attention of the owner. Dude, put your dog already.
11 Oct 2019
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If one gets busy with a sound check like this I am pretty sure that no one can cover the news; all she needed is nothing else than a simple lick.
15 Jan 2018
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20 Jan 2018
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MarCe making weird sound like a bloody owl.
25 Dec 2006
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These two kids look quite apprehensive as they fight with rods, like they’re being made to fight. As one kid turns to talk to someone, the other kid hits his head with the rod, making a weird sound.
19 May 2018
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Enjoy naked artists and chicory trumpets orchestrated by a soundtrack, that is dipped into Dionysian delirium... A dazzling spectacle of idiotry and banality! An absurdist and hilarious photo/video report from the art project "Lof der Zot" at the Boszoom in Rotterdam, 2005. Written, cut and directed by: Helmuth Ziegenmalte and Hugo Lammerink. Cast, camera and voices: Wouter Bos, Theo Huijgens, Hans Kok, Hugo Lammerink, Andries Micke, Saskia Verschelling, "Moppi", Hieke Pars, Henri van Zanten, Helmuth Ziegenmalte, Larisa Zvezdochetova and other fools. Soundtrack: Helmuth Ziegenmalte
18 Mar 2007
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cute lazy cat
15 Jul 2007
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this animal have their own way to fight. amazing huh!
9 Sep 2007
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Teacher breathed in HELIUM gas and spoke through it..
20 Sep 2007
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unbelievable! they have really great intelligent
19 Nov 2007
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the turtle that like to kiss the cat, but it seem its make the cat feel uncomfortable
25 Nov 2007
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