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Letzten Samstag lief wieder "Wetten, dass..?" Wir haben's leider nicht gesehen - deshalb macht WELT KOMPAKT ihre eigene Wette!
16 Dec 2008
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Auf der Promotion-Tour zu ihrem bislang letzten gemeinsamen Film "Troublemaker" waren Bud Spencer und Terence Hill 1994 zu Gast bei Thomas Gottschalk in Wetten Dass...? in Bremerhaven. Das große Finale der Show war ein Comedy-Boxkampf zwischen Terence Hill & Henry Maske mit Ringrichter Bud Spencer.
19 Jan 2010
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Heidi Klum trifft auf ihre Parodistin Martina Hill Martina Hill Heidi Klum Wetten dass Thomas Gottschalk 23.01.2010 Show lustig Switch reloaded ZDF German television TV Switch reloaded Switch Tipp Comedy Comedian Heidi Klum Gülcan Clixoom Talkshow Prominente prominent lustig Interview interviewen Inteviewer VIP celebrity celebrities viral Heidi Klum martina hill switch parodie wetten dass thomas gottschalk zdf 23 januar 2010 model
26 Jan 2010
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In 199 Michael Jackson at a programm in Germany named "Wetten Das"
6 May 2010
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24 Nov 2010
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7 Jun 2011
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10 million fans tuned in for a fantastic stunt. Instead, they saw an almost fatal accident. It was live on Wetten Dass – translated ‘Wanna Bet?’ – a game show where contestants perform stunts while celebrities bet on their success. Here’s a look at Samuel Koch’s accident on Wetten Dass. A warning: it’s pretty graphic. (Koch raises his hand, signaling the car to move forward. He jumps over it, but lands on his head. Audience gasps. Hosts yell for help and rush to his side while he lays unconscious.) On CBS, Jeff Glor explains how the stunt was supposed to work. GLOR: “The 23-year-old stuntman was supposed to jump over a moving car, driven by his father, wearing spring loaded stilts on Saturday. But he hit the car and he was knocked unconscious.” The game show has been on air for 30 years. But the Montreal Gazette speculates – this could be the end. “The future of the show now appears uncertain, with critics saying the stunts had become more and more dangerous over the years as ZDF has battled for viewers.” The cameras rolled as paramedics rushed in and the audience stood by -- shocked. But Popeater says the risk wasn’t lost on show insiders. “Longtime host Gottschalk had actually introduced Koch by telling the audience he felt worried for the young man's safety after watching rehearsals of the stunt: ‘I have never been so scared...I hope all goes well.’” And NBC looks at what happened when the cameras went black. ALEXANDER: “Back in the studio, the show was pulled off the air—the audience, stunned.” AUDIENCE MEMBER: “It couldn’t go on like that (the woman says) we’re all shocked.” ALEXANDER: “The show’s host spoke publicly later that night.” GOTTSCHALK: “I talked to the young man at dinner. He reassured me he was looking forward to this. I’m so sorry it ended this way.” Cameron Diaz, Phil Collins and Justin Bieber were all scheduled to appear after the stunt. But Bieber tweeted… “...we all don't think it is right to continue. Please pray for Samuel Koch & his family as we wait and hope for his health and safety.” Koch underwent several back surgeries – is conscious, but unable to move. He’s expected to survive. So, do you think the show should be pulled off the air?
9 Dec 2010
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recorded during the MAGIC Tour 1998 at the Cologne Arena ! Facts Award-Highlights: 10 times World Music Award Winner for "The World's Best Selling Swiss Recording Artist Worldwide more than 260 Gold-, 28 Platinum- & 1x Diamant Record Biography-Highlights DJ BoBo had his breakthrough with the smash hit "Somebody Dance With Me" 1993 In the summer of '94, DJ BoBo had a big hit with the single "Everybody" which climbed up to number 2 in the German Single Charts, In the fall of the same year the second album "There Is A Party" was released containing the smash hit "Let The Dream Come True" which, of course, reached gold, too. In January '95, "Love Is All Around" was released; it reached top 10 positions in many countries all over the world. On 14th January, 1996, DJ BoBo introduced "Love Is The Price & Freedom" in 'Wetten Dass. . .'. The "Backstreet Boys" were special guests on tour in spring 1996 ! DJ BoBo himself was the special guest on the „History tour of Michael Jackson. However, at the same time this was a very busy period in everybody's lives as those concerts simultaneously took place with DJ BoBo's 'World In Motion' European tour (about 27 concerts in Europe's largest arenas). 'N SYNC with 15 Year old Justin Timberlake were special guests on this tour! Celebration - Like no other song this one hits the bull`s eye of DJ BoBo`s career. The swiss superstar gave the song a modern instrumentation and so a pop-song-revival for the first single of the album 2002 "DJ BoBo - Celebration" (release: 15th of April 2002). He didn`t want a simple collection of greatest hits so he said "I want to make something special". DJ BoBo did so, he recorded duets with No Angels "Where Is Your Love", Melanie Thornton "Love Of My Life", Emilia "Everybody", Irene Cara "What A Feeling", ATC "Together", Tone "Lonely For You" and the swiss phenomenon Gölä "Tell Me Why". This album is a new demonstration: DJ BoBo dominates the charts and the showstages. The success of Chihuahua in 2003! The single "Chihuahua" was within a couple of weeks no.1 in the spanish charts! End of march it was released in France and entered the French Charts at no.12, shortly afterwards it was no.1 in the official french top 100-charts for 10 Weeks. Most european and also South American countrys were following this huge success In October 2006 DJ BoBo joined the World Food Program of the United Nations (WFP) being a national ambassador fighting hunger in the world. DJ BoBo is the first swiss celebrity joining WFP. Different stars of other nations such as the brasilian footballplayer Kaka, the female singer Cesaria Evora from the Cape Verde Islands and the kenian marathon -worldrecord holder Paul Tergat are also supporting the activities of WFP. 2010 Higher, Faster, Further, DJ BoBo! This is the slogan for the new „Fantasy" show . A giant, as high as a 5-storied building will be the new stageset and therefore the center of this spectacular show. A dynamic production, a powerful performance, as well as the most modern special-effects and very complex light-technique will set a new benchmark in the music-entertainment. Enchanting costumes, new songs of the upcoming album (release on January 29, 2010 ), as well as 20 DJ BoBo hits will make "Fantasy" to a spectacular top-class experience. "Fantasy" is making a long harbored dream come true for DJ BoBo: „I`m so looking forward to this sensational stageset and all the talented artists, dancers and musicians coming on tour with me. Welcome to my fantasy!" Fantasy Tour: November 27th 2009 Europa Park Arena Rust November 28th 2009 Europa Park Arena Rust Mai 12th 2010 Oberhausen / König Pilsener Arena Mai 13th 2010 Münster / Halle Münsterland Mai 14th 2010 Hannover / TUI Arena Mai 15th 2010 Frankfurt / Festhalle Mai 16th 2010 Stuttgart / Porsche Arena Mai 19th 2010 Leipzig / Arena Mai 20th 2010 Magdeburg / Bördelandhalle Mai 21th 2010 Dresden / Freiberger Arena Mai 22th 2010 Berlin / Max Schmeling Halle Mai 23th 2010 Hamburg / Color Line Arena Mai 24th 2010 Bremen / AWD Dome Mai 28th 2010 Nürnberg / Arena Nürnberg. Vers. Mai 29th 2010 München / Olympiahalle Mai 30th 2010 Kempten / Big Box June 02th 2010 Mannheim / SAP Arena June 03th 2010 Trier / Arena Trier June 04th 2010 Dortmund / Westfahlenhalle 1 June 05th 2010 Köln / Lanxessarena June 06th 2010 Erfurt / Messehalle August 14th 2010 Bern / Postfinance Arena August 27th 2010 Zürich / Hallenstadion DJ BoBo Hompage: Daily news on www.djbobo****
1 Aug 2011
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Was bei „Wetten, dass...“ geklappt hat, sollte wohl auch auf der boot in Düsseldorf gelingen. Nachdenken, Luft anhalten, untertauchen und mit verbundenen Augen am Würfel werkeln. Informatikstudent Stephan Pochmann, ansonsten ausgewiesener „Unter-Wasser-Zauberwürfler“, glaubt an den erneuten Coup auf der Messe und erlebt einen unerwarteten Ausgang.
26 Jan 2012
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Was bei „Wetten, dass...“ geklappt hat, sollte wohl auch auf der boot in Düsseldorf gelingen. Nachdenken, Luft anhalten, untertauchen und mit verbundenen Augen am Würfel werkeln. Informatikstudent Stephan Pochmann, ansonsten ausgewiesener „Unter-Wasser-Zauberwürfler“, glaubt an den erneuten Coup auf der Messe und erlebt einen unerwarteten Ausgang.
28 Jan 2012
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So hat man Konzertpianist Joja Wendt noch nie gesehen. Deutschlands härteste Musik-Kritiker Marzel Becker und Stephan Heller mit Joja Wendt ohne Smoking und mit coolem Kapuzenpulli. Eure Meinung und Bewertung (1-5 Sterne) jetzt posten.
13 Apr 2010
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Die neuen Mainzelmännchen? Deutschlands härteste Musik-Kritiker Marzel Becker und Stephan als Deutschlands härteste Musik-Kritiker in der TV-Show "neomusic-Die Charts" bei zdf_neo und im ZDF. Das historische TV-Dokument jetzt klicken und kucken. Eure Meinung und Bewertung (1-5 Sterne) jetzt posten.
15 Apr 2010
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