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What is Forex RSI is a question that often comes up when learning technical analysis. RSI is short for relative strength Index which was introduced in the breakthrough technical analysis book "New Concepts In Technical Trading Systems" by J.Wells Wilder, Jr.
14 Jun 2009
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14 Aug 2011
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What is Forex Trading? Learn How to Trade Easy using Forex Secret Training Robot. Learn what over 80,000 people already know on how to make money with Forex Trading! Automated Forex Robot doubles real money accounts in months! See the proof here!... *******
7 Jul 2012
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*******WhatIsForex.TV Know what Forex is. Learn what is Forex (foreign currency exchange) and gain knowledge of the basics of FX market and Forex trading
17 Jan 2013
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16 Sep 2009
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*******ForexAutopilotSystem**** - Day Trading Profit Secrets - What is Forex and is it As Good As They Say? - Forex FX or foreign exchange trading is extremely popular. There are many brokers and educators promoting it as almost a licence to print money, but can you really make money and is it safe. What is Forex Forex is a market in which currency of one country is traded for the currency of another. There is no physical exchange FX is known as an OTC -Over the counter-market. There is no 3rd party to report this exchange so there is no actual central exchange. However here are a set of agreed upon rules by which this trading occurs. It's actually quite complicated and the details are beyond the scope of this article and generally of little interest to most traders. Trading is discussed in pips rather than money units, because there a so many different currencies traded. Currencies are traded in pairs such as EURUSD. This is the Euro dollar paired against the American dollar Forex is often traded using live trading rooms where you the client are guided in your trades, or by using software which finds trades. Typically these systems cost $5000-$10,000 The advantages of Forex 1. You can trade from an online platform from your home or your laptop 2. You can trade in small amounts to begin with as you learn the ropes. E.g. your platform may default to a $100,000 trade but you can adjust it down to $10,000. 3. Forex is a leveraged instrument. While your contract may be $10,000 you only need to place a margin deposit of a few hundred dollars. This means you control the $10,000 or $100,000 or millions if you wish for a small percentage of the value of the contract. If you take a small contract of $10,000 and the pip value is $100 per pip, and the market moves in your favour by 100 pips then you make $1000. Remember your margin deposit was only $200, so your rate of return on your investment was 500%. And this may have happened in a few hours. Forex trades don't attract a commission, although if you ... (more)
9 Feb 2010
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If you have seen ads on TV, on the internet or in magazines for forex trading, you may be wondering what is forex. The word forex is short for foreign exchange, which is the exchange of one currency for another on the world's money markets.
13 Feb 2010
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21 Aug 2008
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14 Sep 2009
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24 Nov 2008
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Forex hedging is a situation where you carry two offsetting positions in your account to lessen your risk in the event that things go against you.
12 Mar 2010
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30 Jun 2010
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