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In this video, we are going to look at the introduction to the political science. We are going to answer two questions: 1) What is political science?; 2) what do we study in political sciences? So let us begin with the meaning of political science. The term “politics” is derived from the Greek word “Polis” which means the city-state. Hence political science deals with the problems of the city in which men live. THE DEFINITION OF POLITICAL SCIENCE. Political science has been defined by different prominent political philosophers in various ways. ARISTOTLE (384-322 BC). A great Greek political philosopher who is regarded as a father of political science because he was the first political thinker to use the word politics defined politics as “the study of the state. “ JAMES WILFORD GARNER (1871-1938) “Political science begins and ends with the state. It can be defined as the study of the man in the process of governing himself.” ACCORDING TO PAUL JANET (1823-1899), “Political science is the branch of social science which treats the foundations of the state and principles of government.” ACCORDING TO ROBERT NIVEN GILCHRIST. “Political science deals with the general problems of the state and government.” RICHARD GLENN GETTELL defined politics as “the study of the state in the past, present and future, of the political organizations and political function of political institutions and political theories.” HAROLD LASSWELL defined politics in empirical terms maintains that politics is the study of the shaping and sharing of power. The fundamental issue in politics according to him is who gets what, when and how. ” ACCORDING TO STEPHEN LEACOCK. “Political science deals with the government.” ACCORDING TO HAROLD LASKI. “The study of politics concerns itself with the life of man in relation to organized state.” So based on these definitions above given by different prominent political scholars, we can now define political science. Political science is an academic
21 Aug 2019
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9 Mar 2012
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3 Apr 2012
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What is political change and what do we do to really get it?
24 Dec 2007
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