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That cat's expression is priceless! That time it must have been thinking whether it does the same as the tissue paper dispensers or not.
11 Sep 2019
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People with poodles and other breeds with coats like that. What the hell?! Why give them weird haircuts?!
11 Sep 2019
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The wait is finally over, and all Avril Lavigne can say is: "What the Hell." That's the name of the first single from Lavigne's upcoming music video. Avril Lavigne’s new single “What the Hell,
9 Jan 2011
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Thus begins the adventures and misadventures of the young Anthony Broy as he scrapes, fights, loves, and screws his way through adulthood, from an adolescence spent under the thumb of his violent stepfather among the Ukrainian communities of Long Island and Brooklyn to his reinventions of himself as Orthodox priest, sailor, small-time Indiana farmer, pizza shop owner, and eventual Wall Street mogul. Diagnosed after a bad acid trip with "compulsive personality disorder" by Navy doctors in "Nuts" and later in life, succumbing to another breakdown after his wife's death in "Silver Hills," Broy's portrayals are brutally candid, touching, often hilarious and always outrageous. Like Charles Bukowski's Tales of Ordinary Madness, Broy's voice is that of an older man eager to tell all about sex, revenge, and quiet murders taking place from rural turkey farms to the soap factories of Depression-era Jersey City. Throughout these interconnected tales, he emphatically claims to confess "no bullshit," leaving the delighted reader to wonder how much is fact, and how much fiction? Who's the real Anthony Broy? FOREWORD NUT HOUSE 1970 HEY NOW, WHAT NOW, WHAT'S GOING ON OUT THERE? I HEAR THE YELLING AND I HEAR THE SCREAMING BUT THERE'S NO TELLING WHAT THE HELL'S GOING DOWN OUT THERE MY FRIENDS AND ME SITTING AND STARING TAKEN TO SLEEPING IN THE MORNING BUT WHAT THE HELL'S GOING DOWN OUT THERE?! NO ONE TRUSTS ME TO SHAVE MY FACE MIGHT CUT TOO DEEP AND LEAVE THIS PLACE A FUNNY MAN, NEXT RACK RIGHT THINKS HE'S CRAZY BUT HE'S JUST UPTIGHT NATURALLY HE THINKS THE SAME ABOUT ME I'M HERE TOO AND MUST BE CRAZY ANYHOW IT'S JUST MY OPINION BUT IT SURE SEEMS WEIRD WHAT'S GOING DOWN OUT THERE GET MY SHOWER ONCE A WEEK PASS THE DAYS QUIET MAN MEEK STARTED THIS BOOK THE BIBLE YOU SEE ANYTHING TO GET ME FREE HEY NOW, WHAT NOW, WHAT'S GOING ON OUT THERE?! I HEAR THE YELLING AND I HEAR THE SCREAMING BUT THERE'S NO TELLING WHAT THE HELL'S GOING DOWN OUT THERE SAMUEL BECKETT - CAN YOU DIG IT? USED TO BE IN CHARGE OVER HERE! CAUGHT PANTS DOWN THE DOC WAS FOUND NOT TO BE ALL THERE! NOW HE'S JUST LODGED OVER HERE WILFRED BLACK LAID ON HIS BACK COUNTING THE CRACKS IN THE CEILING SPEAK SOFTLY TO HIM AND PRAY FOR HIM, HIS WOUNDS FROM THE WAR ARE SLOWLY HEALING AND WHAT ABOUT ME, LOCKED WITH A KEY BEHIND THESE DOORS OF IRON NOT SO BAD, NOT SO SAD JUST A DAY TO DIE ON! To order the book: *******heynowwhatnow****/ ***********/Hey-Now-What-Hells-ebook/dp/B007IODH9M *******www.facebook****/pages/Hey-Now-What-Now-What-The-Hells-Going-Down-Out-... ********twitter****/#!/anthonybroy *******www.barnesandnoble****/w/hey-now-what-now-anthony-broy/1039293320
3 Apr 2012
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what the hell is this guy up to the town
4 Apr 2019
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What The Hell Is Happaning
18 Aug 2019
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Jason gets an important phone call... Distributed by Tubemogul.
28 Jun 2009
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24 Mar 2011
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Someone tries to show his stunt skills by hanging holding a wire that connects one building to another. He faced a near death experience while the hold went loose for a while.
18 Apr 2019
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The 2007 version of the WHAT THE HELL IS THAT contest featured a bevy of oddballs, with a disgusting collection of bumps, blisters, boils, and blemishes on their bodies. In-studio doctors examined the subjects, and gave their opinion on what was wrong with the poor bastards.
3 Aug 2007
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I really don't know what the hell that is. Maybe you can tell me.
21 Nov 2007
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Miley Cyrus Changing her TEST of Love & what the hell she is doing
6 Jul 2008
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