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As the luxury trend within the spirits industry continues to grow, spirit enthusiasts are seeking more premium, exceptional experiences when it comes to their drink choices. In 2018, the face of the rum industry is now changing as bars step up their rum game and it becomes the new boutique gin. Following the steps of whiskey and tequila, rum is becoming the latest spirit on the cusp of premiumisation. Although the segment is experiencing growth at 7% year on year, premium rum currently represents 15% of the total rum sector. Continuing to lead the spirits industry, BACARDÍ have introduced their new premium rum to ignite the resurgence of the rum category among a new generation of spirits drinkers. Añejo Cuatro (“four” in Spanish paying homage to the brand’s Cuban roots), is a premium rum barrel-aged, undisturbed under the Caribbean sun, for a minimum of four years. It has flavours of mild vanilla, toasted oak, clove and honey. The film explores Bryce’s thoughts on the rum industry, the spirit’s complexity and the change in culture as rum moves to a heightened sophistication.
25 Apr 2018
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Our local bar around me offers a large beer and whiskey selection and plenty of Crafted cocktails, Martini Mondays, tequila Tuesdays, whiskey Wednesdays and happy hour daily! We will give you a burger or brunch after a long night. For further any more information please you visit on our website.
8 Aug 2018
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Eileen Carey lends her voice to the blog, The Music Mom, to support her fans while away from promoting her hit “That Town,” featured on YouTube. The country music singer supports parents and children throughout their everyday lives, writing about topics such as: finding the joy in balancing a career and being a parental role model, how spending time with mothers is the best Mother’s Day gift, and the benefits from constantly striving to maintain good, healthy nutrition for families. When not on the road performing at renowned venues such as House of Blues, or the Whiskey A Go-Go, the country music singer is sharing with her fans the life lessons she learns as she continues being the Music Mom, concentrating on the message she aims to express on the blog. “The world is filled with ups and downs,” she says of her blog’s mission, “so I want to help people see things in a more positive light and find a better place in their lives." If you watch her “That Town” video, it mirrors her blog in that the topic is about encouraging youths to chase their dreams even if it means leaving the nest. Check it out on YouTube. Other ways you can explore the talents of Eileen Carey are via Spotify. Also, to stay updated on all things Eileen Carey, visit her website and follow her Facebook at and Instagram.
20 Oct 2018
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Thin lizzy emerald bass cover Thin Lizzy was a band that did not receive the fruits it deserved. In the course of a very long race, started at the end of 1969, there have been many musicians who have gone through the formation of Phil Lynott (singer, bassist and author) and Brian Downey (drums), who constituted the rhythm section, the base unmistakable of all the compositions edited by the Irish group. Thin lizzy emerald bass cover Phil Lynott, born in Dublin on August 20, 1951 (half Irish and half Brazilian), was a friend, from his early years of youth, Brian Downey, with whom he played in the Sugar Shack and then in the Orphanage. In late 1969, they called guitarist Thin lizzy emerald bass cover Eric Bell and formed a group they called Thin Lizzy. Its debut goes back to April of 1970, in a concert that took place in the English city of Newbridge. They stood out quickly among the local bands; at the end of the same year, Decca offered them a three-year contract and Thin Lizzy moved to London. Thin lizzy emerald bass cover Whether it was Lynott's dress or some of Hendrix's cover versions, the fact is that they were quickly labeled as a hard-rock band, although in reality their first two albums, ' Thin lizzy emerald bass cover Thin Lizzy' (1970) and ' Shades of a blue orphanage '(1971), belonged more to the progressive rock genre. Despite the inexperience and some inevitable naiveté, the results were satisfactory. The disc jockey Kid Jensen, of the then famous Radio Luxembourg, took them very seriously. Thin lizzy emerald bass cover At the end of 1972 Thin Lizzy released their first single 'Whiskey in the jar', which, to the general surprise, reached the sixth place in the English c
4 Feb 2019
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Foxtrot original de la revista "Las Guapas", que siendo de 1930 estaba compuesto por Alonso, Belda, González del Castillo y Muñoz Román al igual que sus canciones. Por tanto, evidentemente este "Mozo, Venga Whisky" de la presente en la obra Celia Gámez y publicado por Odeón en un disco que de cara contraria incluía "Pasacalle de los Pepes-Hillos" (también en mi canal, así como otras canciones basadas en Pepe), es de tal año y autores. La orquesta la dirige el maestro Romero. En la para mí genial imagen del vídeo, "Fallen Suns: Liquid Star Whiskey" ("Soles caídos: Whiskey Liquid Star") del usuario de la web DevianArt MacRebisz.
5 Feb 2019
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Leandros Abatzopoulos Λέανδρος Αμπατζόπουλος marine photography monitormedia Memory Creation My love for the sea and boats, as well as for the people who roam through and respect it, have made a business man like myself involved in national and multinational enterprises to experience and enjoy it in a different way. I have always believed that in order to become an accomplished manager, one needs to grasp, apart from his science, something from the mysteries of sea and music. And what could business administration be, if not a well tuned orchestra or the steady steering of a speed or sailing boat? Especially when the weather is bad... regardless that bad weather and beau forts are a sailor's heaven and a speedboat's captain skill ensure the whiskey is not stirred. Having been yachting and sailing for decades, and having photographed and filmed the way of life on and outside a boat, its joyous and dangerous moments, as well as all the feasts, special times, activities and fun both underwater and on land. My life's sea touring experiences in Greece, whose perimeter is bigger than Africa's, has been turned into a movie. After that, I decided to do the same for my friends. Now that technology permits it, I have photographed and filmed with my land and underwater equipment, directed, edited the music and with the use of state of the art technology, such as editing , authoring and director's suites software, developed the final product into a DVD. Have you ever imagined having a personal DVD all your beloved moments after a weekend or your holiday at sea with your private or rented boat? With children or family, friends or guests, current or future investors or funders? Leandros Abatzopoulos Λέανδρος Αμπατζόπουλος marine photography monitormedia
30 Mar 2019
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We can create a customized shirts for you with our Veteran Owned Printing Company. Patriot Made was founded by three compatriots/ training partners/friends turned business partners after a long night of cigars and smooth American whiskey. We are an apparel brand company designed for the true patriot inside of everyone.
31 Jul 2019
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