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1968 with Tom Brokaw” premieres Sunday, December 9 at 9-11pm ET/PT on The History Channel. Cities burned. Students marched. Idealism flourished. Drugs flowed. A nation mourned its slain leaders. It was a year both tragic and galvanizing. But was 1968 truly as revolutionary as it felt? Did its fury and pain propel us forward? Now a new, two-hour special on The History Channel explores the significance of 1968 and the ways it continues to affect the American landscape.
6 Dec 2007
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12 Oct 2012
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'Child Of Nature' was a song that John Lennon wrote during the White Album sessions. The band ultimately decided to scratch it. Lennon eventually re-recorded it with new lyrics and it became 'Jealous Guy'. This is my cover of the original 'Child Of Nature'. I know it's not as good as Lennon's version, but I still like it.
6 Sep 2010
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El pasado mes de noviembre se han cumplido 50 años de la publicación del White Album de los Beatles, lo cual ha sido celebrado por su discográfica mediante la edición especial de una enésima remezlca y una nueva profanación de material inédito oculto en sus archivos. He querido participar de tal onomástica recuperando una interpretación que hacía años que no tocaba. Se trata de una versión de “While my guitar gently weeps” que construí cuando se cumplían 25 años del disco (en 1993). Traduje la letra al castellano y apañé unos arreglos para guitarra acústica, tal vez inspirado en la versión de George Harrison original que tenía en un disco pirata, y la grabé en el “dos pistas” que por aquel entonces utilizaba. Al recuperar la grabación, he observado que la adaptación al castellano no me había quedado muy redonda. Se entiende que hace 25 años todavía me quedaba mucho por aprender en cuanto a componer letras se refiere. Me he decidido a corregir palabras mal traducidas, adaptar tempos y notas, y cambiar algunas estrofas. Éste "Mientras mi guitarra llora" es el resultado.
6 Jun 2019
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We go round and round, and round. Paul? What? This must stick. What is written...
10 Oct 2008
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"Reversed Lyrics" Oh evil apple. Oh Eve...who is my God? Oh, Paul is dead. Oh evil apple. I'm evil. Come on come on come on come on come on come on... Hey, yeah, I'm evil. I'm evil, you heard it. WOOOo Dead... I'm evil, yeah. I'm devil, he's devil. Hey! I'm dead. Oh, evil Lucifer. If the devil has his evil. (Hey Paul) Now have you ever wished to tell them, say... They have a mirror for a faith. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Oh, evil Lucifer. I'm devil, he's devil. Oh, evil Lucifer. He shall give this evil message. The Father of Lies. This evil, yes, they're coming.
27 Jan 2010
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The Eve of All Hallows Some of the reversed words. Paul is a dead man, miss him miss him miss him Get me out. Get me out. (We're evil) Get your hands off of him, get your hands off Is that Paul? Is that Paul? The music is...all confusion This is the end Oh yes, oh yes They'll pass all cause our music is...all confusion Our words are reversed Paul? You're finished, Paul
13 Jan 2010
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(Ahhhhhh) Yeah [laughter] Wooo0 I'm faceless and I'm Satan and I'm spaceman Who are you? (I'm Satan I'm Satan I'm Satan I'm...) I'm Satan Yeah, I really am Hey, you left and let me live Why can't any know just how we live Why can't any know just how long we live I'm a Superhero I'm faceless I may slay... I might stay... coagulators Comes night when Sometimes I really am He let me in He let me live ...and in the end The Narrow Its how we live Why can't any know which kind we live (yeah...) Hey, Hey, Hey, Now... (Hey) Isn't it awful to take her down Rule, get on in and let me out to... Lie to, I do Everybody we lie to
17 Nov 2008
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Melbourne's Nick Reilly heads to Hardiwar for guidance from a spiritual guru. He asks the big question on everyone's lips : What is the Meaning of Life? Join him on the path of enlightenment at the beautiful foothills of the Himalayas as he embarks on an intensive meditation camp
17 Nov 2009
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Nick heads to Hardiwar for guidance from a spiritual guru. He asks the big question on everyones lips, what is the meaning of life? Join him on the path of enlightenment at the beautiful foothills of the Himalayas as he embarks on an intensive Indian meditation session at an ashram. Watch the final episode of the Juicy Adventure where Nick heads New Delhi. Visit: ***********/user/JuicyAdventure Visit the Spring Valley website to find out more about the delicious range of flavours - Forest Berries, Apple & Pomegranate and Blackberry & Vanilla: *******www.springvalley****.au Juicy Tea, it's tea but juicy.
21 Nov 2009
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Behind the scenes of Austin musician Will Taylor - Leader of the group Strings Attached Rock masterpieces from the White Album to Dark Side of the Moon reinvigorated by electric strings, bass, drums and a touch of jazz improv
22 Jul 2008
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K-WY Jelly's hot released track from THE WHITE ALBUM VOLUME 1 Mixtape. Get the ringtone from *******www.myxer****/get/item/2136163
13 Jul 2009
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