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Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay available on DVD, Blu-Ray, and a 2 disc unrated special edition July 29th! The hilarious kings of slack are back! After a case of mistaken identity aboard a transatlantic flight lands Harold and Kumar in Guantanamo Bay, they’re forced to break out and sneak back into the US. Now, suspected terrorists on the run from the law, the duo goes to wild extremes on a cross-country trip to prove their innocence.
21 Jul 2008
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A fun video about having no gas done in stop go.
21 Sep 2008
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Entering the Castle
7 Oct 2008
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The movie is awesome, here is a little something, enjoy!
8 Jan 2009
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Hi guys! Just a quick video telling you to subscribe to DeffSmash, which is me D:****/deffsmash go there and click the orange button to the side :P video says it all p.s i dont wear glasses AND FORGET WHAT I SAID! I LIKE METACAFE AND YOU CAN SUB HERE TOO, ILL BE MAKING VIDEOS IN THE MEANTIME xD!
10 Nov 2008
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“Sally Take Me For A Ride” – That is all I heard over and over… I saw colors and shapes with the action of light. There were light patterns reflected or emitted from objects that flew by me. I remember the radio playing in the background and the announcer saying “Take me for a ride” as someone shouted “Sally”. Sometimes it was like looking into a haze of- - and felt like I was going through something. A visual incident with sounds, rhymes, and a message only a few will understand. Scene from “Beachwood Drive – Bad Salvia Trip” Directed by Harold B. Pritchett. www.beachwooddrive.00show****
31 Aug 2009
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15 Jul 2009
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Salvia Visual Art Video “Sage of Seekers”. As a cure for mental diarrhea, Salvia Visual Art is a collection of sights and sounds that involve three-dimensional objects which reveals aspects of a mental visual state of art as well as other types, so these definitions are not strict. Images have been crafted to appear as a montage of light being reflected off of surfaces of objects that may or maynot be real. Scene from “Beachwood Drive – Bad Salvia Trip” Directed by Harold B. Pritchett. www.beachwooddrive.00show****
22 May 2009
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Jaylen rushing to check out which restaurant to go for dinner at Takashimaya
28 Dec 2008
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Directed by Harold B. Pritchett – our story takes a turn for the worst. Kima (April Archer) walks into a trap at the old bat cave in the Hollywood Hills. She wants to catch her brother’s killer Lucky (Jason Williams) but walks into a field of stun grenades. Confound by the explosions Kima runs into the cave only to find out things get worst. This is a scene from the webisode “Beachwood Drive – Bad Salvia Trip”. www.beachwooddrive.00show****
18 Jan 2009
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Lorenz 2009 - Fashion Sunlight - New Promo Album Coming Soon let me a comment ... Enjoy ...Lorenz
11 Apr 2009
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A montage of funny dances from soccer to the famous headbutt
31 Oct 2009
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