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Maximuscle shows you how to do a Wide Grip Lat Pulldown: Using the lat pulldown machine, sit with your back straight, and a wide grip on the bar. Keep your chest up and dot lean back when your pulling the bar down.
16 Oct 2009
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117,5 kilogram (259,04 pounds) wide grip bench press for 9 reps
22 Jul 2019
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138,5 kilogram (305,34 pounds) light wide grip bench press for 2 times
5 Oct 2019
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147,5 kilogram (325,18 pounds) light wide grip RAW bench press
5 Oct 2019
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149 kilogram (328,49 pounds) light wide grip RAW bench press
11 Oct 2019
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127,5 kilogram (281,09 pounds) light wide grip bench press for 4 times
18 Oct 2019
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139 kilogram (306,44 pounds) light wide grip bench press for 2 times
20 Oct 2019
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Wide grip pullups are great for biceps and back. Do as many as you can with or without assistance. On the last few reps focus on holding at the top of the movement for 5-10 seconds this will make the exercise much more difficult and help you long term get better at the movement. www,hitchfit**** www.micahlacerte**** www.hitchfitgym****
23 Feb 2010
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Visit Bones To Buff to get your FREE sample muscle building workout. Click here to get started: *******www.BonesToBuff**** Check out the written article for the full program: *******www.joeyvaillancourtfitness****/blog/articles/how-to-increase-your-wide-grip-chin-ups-4-week-plan/ big broad wide back is a very important muscle group that everyone wants to develop. It is a signature factor of any great physique and one that automatically demands respect. It is a sign of hard work, dedication and attention to detail as not many people train their back muscles as much as their chest or arms let alone train their back with proper form and activation. The V-Taper creates the illusion of a much larger than life appearance and you cannot achieve that look without developing the lat muscles. Now there are many ways that one can work their back including machine exercises, cable exercises, compound barbell movements and of course bodyweight movements which of course include good ole fashioned chin-ups. The biggest problem people face when it comes to wide grip chin-ups is that they are hard for the majority of people. Out of all the different variations of the chin-up, the wide grip is by far the most difficult. It is because when you perform the wide grip chin-up, you are really primarily using the back muscles in an awkward position and most find that their bodyweight proves to be too heavy. But as you use a narrower grip or even switch to underhand, you are using more muscles to pull your body up by including your biceps and back and other supporting muscles thereby allowing you to complete an increased amount of reps. If a person tries to improve the number of wide grip chin-ups they can perform week after week by simply trying to do more, they might resort to using momentum or doing partial reps and end up believing that they can do more than they actually are able to. This is called false belief. You are changing the variables that should remain consistent and by doing so, you are automatically discrediting the outcome. Its as if you were trying to beat your 100M sprint time and each week you started to sprint from a starting point closer to the finish line. Yes your time will increase, but only because you cheated to get there. Dont worry though, I have devised a 4 week plan that you can use to see improvements in your wide grip chin-up count without having to trick or cheat yourself. Visit Bones To Buff to get your FREE sample muscle building workout. Click here to get started: *******www.BonesToBuff****
16 Jun 2010
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135 kilogram (297,62 pounds)light wide grip bench press with one push and one normal press
27 Sep 2019
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17 Feb 2009
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Today i review Muscle Feast Supplements! MuscleFeast Link- www.musclefeast****
27 Sep 2011
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