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How to make your own multi-touch smart board with home made LED pens and your wiimote.
21 Jan 2008
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We took an industrial robot, strapped a tennis racket and a sword to it, and put it under the control of a WiiMote. We ran very light pattern recognition on the WiiMote, so it would copy our sword swings. You can read the write up at www.usmgarage****
13 Feb 2008
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*******live.pirillo**** - Minutes after I sliced my finger on the Wii box, I decided to download a program for Mac OS X called "DarwiinRemote". Essentially, you connect your WiiMote via Bluetooth to any Mac running OS X.
27 Feb 2008
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*******live.pirillo**** - The Wii is finally unboxed, set up and turned on. I press the "A" button to sync the Wiimote with the console. Time to choose the language, and set the date. Let's walk through the rest of the setup now.
27 Feb 2008
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On practice mode "Power Throws" do the following: 1.Press A, then two clicks left, or right (depending on hand setting) 2.Click A again, hold left, or right all the way over to the railing 3.Slightly tilt Wiimote left or right(opposite of direction before), then strongly throw the ball. If done correctly, then you will see this explosion!
23 Mar 2008
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The 2 x 2800 mAH rechargeable battery + Blue Light Twin Battery Charger for Nintendo Wii allows you to quickly charge your Nintendo Wiimote in two hours. The Remote Power Pack Charger Stand allows you to charge up to two Nintendo Wiimote simultaneously thru any USB port. The Charger Stand also features auto shut-off function when charging is complete, and it is compatible with any AAA rechargeable batteries. Package includes Charger Stand, battery covers, USB power charging cable and 2 pcs 2800mAh battery packs are included.
4 Jan 2009
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Visit *******www.wiifixguide**** Is your Wii giving any of the below problems:- 1. Wii Disc Read Error 2. Wii is stuck in the console 3. Wii Freezing up 4. Wii Internet Problem 5. Wiimote won't sync 6. Wii Fit board problem and many more... Visit *******www.wiifixguide****, WiiFixGuide has solution for all Wii Related Problems.
19 Apr 2009
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This tutorial will show you step by step how to connect a wii guitar for guitar hero to your computer and allow you to play with it. Very easy to understand and high quality. Please rate/comment I would appreciate constructive criticism for how I can improve my next video. Thanks :D GlovePie download site: *******www.plunder****/GlovePIE-v0-30-download-105502.htm Copy ALL OF the below into GlovePie: // Guitar Hero 3 Wii Controler for Guitar Hero 3 GlovePIE script // // This script is configured to make the Wii Guitar act the same // as the default guitar hero keyboard settings // Also, don't forget to turn off lefty flip as Guitar Hero will turn // That on by default if you're set to keyboard in settings // //Note: This was chosen because guitar hero refuses to recognize // The PPJoy virtual joystick as the guitar hero guitar // Other games that allow joystick configuration coulde be // setup using PPJoy, allowing the whammy bar to be analog. // Debug List Setup var.dummy = Wiimote.RawForceX if Wiimote.Classic.a then var.G = "Green" else var.G = "" if Wiimote.Classic.b then var.R = "Red" else var.R = "" if Wiimote.Classic.x then var.Y = "Yellow" else var.Y = "" if Wiimote.Classic.y then var.B = "Blue" else var.B = "" if Wiimote.Classic.ZL then var.O = "Orange" else var.O= "" if Wiimote.Classic.Minus then var.Minus = "-" else var.Minus = "" if Wiimote.Classic.Plus then var.Plus = "+" else var.Plus = "" if Wiimote.Classic.Up then var.Strum = "StrumUp" elseif Wiimote.Classic.Down then var.Strum = "StrumDown" else var.Strum = "" debug = "Frets: "+var.G+var.R+var.Y+var.B+var.O+var.Minus+var.Plus+"; Strum: "+var.Strum+"; Whammy:"+Wiimote.Classic.R+var.RF+"; Tilt=" + Wiimote.RawForceZ+"; Joystick: X = "+Wiimote.Classic.Joy1X+", Y = "+Wiimote.Classic.Joy1Y; /* ---BUTTON MAPPING to Keyboard and Mouse-- Configuration: Green - V Red - C Yellow - X Blue - Z Orange - Left Shift Strum Up - Left Mouse Button Strum Down - Right Mouse Button Minus - Middle Mouse Button Plus - Escape Tilt - Middle Mouse Button Whammy - Right Alt Joystick Up - Up Joystick Down - Down Joystick Right - Right Joystick Left - Left */ // Guitar Joystick Key.Left = (-1.2 < Wiimote.Classic.Joy1X < -0.5) // Joystick moving Left = minus X axis Key.Right = (0.5 < Wiimote.Classic.Joy1X < 1.2) // Joystick moving Right = positive X axis Key.Up = (-1.2 < Wiimote.Classic.Joy1Y < -0.5) // Joystick moving Up = negative Y axis Key.Down = (0.5 < Wiimote.Classic.Joy1Y < 1.2) // Joystick moving Down = positive Y axis // Fret Buttons Key.V = Wiimote.Classic.a //Green Key.C = Wiimote.Classic.b //Red Key.X = Wiimote.Classic.x //Yellow Key.Z = Wiimote.Classic.y //Blue Key.LeftShift = Wiimote.Classic.ZL //Orange // Plus and Minus Buttons Mouse.MiddleButton = Wiimote.Classic.Minus //Star Power Key.Escape = Wiimote.Classic.Plus //Menu / Pause // Strum Bar Mouse.LeftButton = Wiimote.Classic.Up //Strum Up Mouse.RightButton = Wiimote.Classic.Down //Strum Down // Press the Right Alt button (Whammy) when the whammy bar is depressed // To tweak the timing of how far down you need to tilt the whammy // bar to hit the key, alter the value to the left of < Wiimote // For Referance, my whammy ranges from 0.52 at rest to 0.84 fully pressed Key.RightAlt = (0.6 < Wiimote.Classic.R < 0.9) // Press the Middle Mouse Button (Star Power) if the guitar is tilted // To tweak the tilt timing, alter the value to the left of < Wiimote // Make it lower to trigger sooner, raise it to trigger later // For reference, I recorded a 24-25 value when completely vertical // A roughly 45 degree tilt has a value of 14-15 // And a horizontal guitar read -1-0 Mouse.MiddleButton = (20 < Wiimote.RawForceZ < 100) // LEDs - Turn on Player 1 LED, turn all others off Wiimote1.LED1 = true; Wiimote1.LED2 = false; Wiimote1.LED3 = false; Wiimote1.LED4 = false; //END OF FILE
18 Apr 2009
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Classic Game Room reviews the Wii MOTION PLUS accessory for Nintendo Wii, the add-on for the Wiimote which gives Wii Motion Plus controls to games like Tiger Woods 11 and Wii Sports Resort.
22 Jul 2012
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Classic Game Room reviews RED STEEL 2 for Nintendo Wii published by Ubisoft. This first person shooter / sword fighting video game has players mauling waves of future bad-guys with a variety of tactics. Shoot them in the head or cut them into chunks with your katana, the choices are endless! Red Steel 2 for Wii works with the WiiMotion Plus Wii Motion Plus accessory for the Nintendo Wiimote. The swordplay responses are excellent as is the seamless transition into a shooter. Hack away with precision and pull off special moves and comboes. Red Steel 2 is the best sword fighting samurai ninja style game that I've seen on the Wii with a cool visual style and excellent action and weapon modifications. This CGR review of Red Steel 2 for Nintendo Wii has Red Steel 2 gameplay showing Red Steel 2 Wii game play in HD action.
31 Jul 2012
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Classic Game Room HD reviews ROLLING STONE DRUM KING for Nintendo Wii. It's a drumming music game where you don't need any drums or additional accessories, everything you need to rock out to Drum King you should already have! Play with one or two Wiimotes (or play with a Wii controller and Nunchuk). While the game is missing actually licensed music tracks and shares many, many things with Guitar Hero, the fact is that kids should dig the game and parents should enjoy not buying a plastic drum kit or additional stuff to play Drum King. Create your own rocker, rock to tracks "inspired" by Soundgarden, The Police and more. For experiences music video gamers Rolling Stone Drum King may fall short, technically, compared to some of its bigger rivals like Rock Band and Guitar Hero, but it still packs fun entertainment and is a music party game appropriate for kids. A kid friendly game published by 505 Games.
7 Aug 2012
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Classic Game Room HD reviews BIG LEAGUE SPORTS for Nintendo Wii. Strap on some cleats, don a helmet and tear the living room to shreds with this sports game for the Wii with six different sports. Lacrosse, Ice Hockey, Football, Soccer, Tennis and Basketball fill Big League Sports with numerous mini-games for kids on Nintendo Wii. Designed for the Wii and published by Activision, this CGRHD Big League Sports review has gameplay footage from this Wii Sports style of video game. It uses the Wiimote and Nunchuk contoller to allow the user to swing things and throw things with perfect timing to earn scores and rack up multiplier combos. Big League Sports may not appeal to real sports fans, but kids should enjoy the variety of mini games in Big League Sports and get hours of enjoyment out of it. Rated E fo' everyone Big League Sports is fun for the whole family. It can also be enjoyed by giant robots, although it doesn't specifically state that on the packaging. I see no reason that giant robots can't enjoy sports as well. If you were to say E for everyone except giant robots that would be different, although the every"ONE" implies "one" as an individual, it does not say every-HUMAN which would eliminate giant robots. Unless that robot was covered in human skin and muscles, in which case it would be a cyborg. That gets complicated because a cyborg is partially human. We'll just assume for this review that Big League Sports can be played by human beings, cyborgs and robots! Hooray!
9 Aug 2012
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Part 2 of 2. Classic Game Room HD reviews Wii SPORTS RESORT for Nintendo Wii. Bowling, golfing, sword fighting, archery, wakebording, air sports, basketball, frisbee and canoeing, it's all here with Wii Sports Resort for Nintendo Wii for use with the Wii Motion Plus attached to your Wii controller. The WiiMotion Plus is supposed to give better response and movement to games like table tennis and golf, and maybe it does. Regardless, this feels like more of the same from Nintendo who has not been able to out do their best two games, Bowling and Golf! You get more bowling and golf with Wii Sports Resort, set in a resort location where you can bike around the beautiful island that reminds me of another game.... (Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 anyone??) Wii Sports Resort is a great game from 2 player action with many of the sports best played against a friend. If you're looking for well-made family video gaming that will keep your kids occupied for days this is a nice game to look at. Normally high Nintendo production value and excellent use of the Wii controls make it a playable game to get off the couch and enjoy. This CGR review of Wii Sports Resort has gameplay from Wii Sports Resort on Nintendo Wii showing game play in action with the Wii Motion Plus. Required WiiMotion Plus to play.
10 Aug 2012
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Classic Game Room reviews PIRATES HUNT FOR BLACKBEARD'S BOOTY for the Nintendo Wii. This children's game is rated E and allows younger gamers to play as one of many different pirates, skeletons and crazy characters in 5 different mini-games with a pirate theme. And these are good pirates, Yo Ho Ho pirates, not container ship hijacking pirates. This PIRATES HUNT FOR BLACKBEARD'S BOOTY review has gameplay footage from the game with 4 player action in games like Squidball (which is like Wii Croquet), Row Row Row for Your Life and more. The Wiimotes are used to control the motions and games like sword fighting should be very entertaining for groups of kids. You can unlock different locations and outfits for the pirates, win gold, buy new cannons and swords and more. Published by Activision. Classic Game Room reviews kids games as a kids Wii video game reviewer reviewing kids games appropriate for kids to play. Watch this review of PIRATES! Hunt for Black Beard's Booty for the Nintendo Wii to see if it is a family video game your family will enjoy.
14 Aug 2012
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CGRHD does what Nintendidn't do in the first place. Classic Game Room reviews the Wii NUNCHUK for use with the Nintendo Wii video game system and Wiimote wii remote controller. Be like a ninja when you play driving games, Metroid or whatever with this Nunchaku based controller called the nunchuck. Is it an awesome accessory or just an awesome way for Nintendo to relieve you of your greenbacks? Classic Game Room reviews Wii accessories, controllers, hardware and add-ons like the Wii Nunchuck showing video footage of it in action and how it is not as effective for attacking ninjas as a real nunchuck. We demand the Wii morningstar! Bring it! Bring the medieval pain! CGRHD is the ultimate Wee Wii reviewer screaming Weeeee while playing Wii with Wii controllers and Wii accessories whilst 'illin. What games work with the Wii nunchuck? There are lots of fighting games and boxing games and action games and Mario games that use the Nunchuck controller.
17 Aug 2012
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Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow video game review of WII PARTY for the Nintendo Wii. As the title suggests, WII PARTY is a party game that utilizes the Nintendo Wii and the Wiimote. This CGRundertow video game review features WII PARTY video gameplay footage and commentary. This review is from CGR reviewer Derek.
7 Sep 2012
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