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Welcome to my Whiteboard Animation Gig Are you looking for a whiteboard Animation. I’m highly skilled on Whiteboard Animation WHY BUY FROM ME? I am the ONLY Whiteboard Animation video seller that will handle all elements of your video creation. I personally handle script writing, voice over, animations, and editing. Unlimited Revision Until you are SATISFIED What you will get in $15 Whiteboard Animation of 125w! 1080p HD Video Add logo/Water Mark Logo Includes drawings inspired by your script Background Music Voice Over Recording & Sync Accents Available American, British, Australian, French, Spanish(Male/Female) $15 extra for Australian, French, Spanish (Male/Female) $50 extra for Urdu video Contact me For FULL COLOR Video (For Extra ) I only use premium library images with commercial rights, I also create custom images but the price is different, please contact me. NOTE: No Revision for voice over unless I made any mistake No Revision for script change 24 hours ONLINE!! Prompt Response of all MESSAGES!!
4 Apr 2018
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Devastated to hear about the death of Harambe. Animals are not here for our entertainment! #harambe Please share this video and encourage people to respect animals, nature and the world. This is a true tragedy and with the two lions that were shot and killed last week in a zoo we really need to ask ourselves whether we think that zoos are right... What do you think?
7 Oct 2016
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Sorry I've been away for a while guys, I'm back. #IWILLCREATE Music by Ark Patrol- ********tradiio****/arkpatrol/circle/join
7 Oct 2016
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I was challenged to a quick draw of Natalie Portman from #JaneGotAGun!
7 Oct 2016
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Pepsi in combination with menthos will create an reaction, immagine what it does in your stomach.
8 Oct 2006
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The folks behind the Media Reform movement chose Memphis for their national conference. "The one thing all Americans agree upon is they think their local TV news is the worst in the country," said McChesney, a professor and author. Watch exclusive coverage when Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D- Ohio) paid a surprise visit to the National Conference for Media Reform and announced to hundreds of cheering activists that the U.S. House will created a committee on media reform and that Kucinich will be its chair.
23 Apr 2007
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I found out how to do this awesome, (yet pointless) glitch on my Mac! If There are allot of people asking me how I did it, then I will create a tutorial for it! Enjoy! (music: Hampster Dance- Blue Man Group)
15 May 2007
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Life in the material world is miserable. Everyone is suffering from a combination of miseries. This world is illusory like the Matrix. In 2012 a Singularity will occur: a tsunami of change that will create chaos everywhere. Fortunately there is a way out. You can change your consciousness, but this requires knowledge. Join our Esoteric School and get the knowledge you need to escape the Matrix.
25 Jun 2007
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Tuck Turn (While doing the forward swing, bring both of your poi to the right side of your body, tuck under your arm, and turn your body 180 degrees which will create a backwards swing)
5 Jul 2007
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GET PAID for your idea! The best idea will split the profit from this video if it makes it over 20K views with a 3 or higher! This is the intro for the IMPROV video. Leave a comment with your ideas and we will create the video improv style! This is an interactive video you can help write! Keep your ideas family friendly!
27 Jul 2007
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Perigee with this full moon will create very high tides. This, along with a very high risk in West and NW California will bring a 4.5+ earthquake to these areas.
24 Oct 2007
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27 Nov 2007
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