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Create Australia is an evolution that has spanned 17 years in delivering business excellence to Australian consumers. -
The folks behind the Media Reform movement chose Memphis for their national conference. "The one thing all Americans agree upon is they think their local TV news is the worst in the country," said McChesney, a professor and author. Watch exclusive coverage when Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D- Ohio) paid a surprise visit to the National Conference for Media Reform and announced to hundreds of cheering activists that the U.S. House will created a committee on media reform and that Kucinich will be its chair.
23 Apr 2007
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I found out how to do this awesome, (yet pointless) glitch on my Mac! If There are allot of people asking me how I did it, then I will create a tutorial for it! Enjoy! (music: Hampster Dance- Blue Man Group)
15 May 2007
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Life in the material world is miserable. Everyone is suffering from a combination of miseries. This world is illusory like the Matrix. In 2012 a Singularity will occur: a tsunami of change that will create chaos everywhere. Fortunately there is a way out. You can change your consciousness, but this requires knowledge. Join our Esoteric School and get the knowledge you need to escape the Matrix.
25 Jun 2007
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Tuck Turn (While doing the forward swing, bring both of your poi to the right side of your body, tuck under your arm, and turn your body 180 degrees which will create a backwards swing)
5 Jul 2007
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GET PAID for your idea! The best idea will split the profit from this video if it makes it over 20K views with a 3 or higher! This is the intro for the IMPROV video. Leave a comment with your ideas and we will create the video improv style! This is an interactive video you can help write! Keep your ideas family friendly!
27 Jul 2007
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Perigee with this full moon will create very high tides. This, along with a very high risk in West and NW California will bring a 4.5+ earthquake to these areas.
24 Oct 2007
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27 Nov 2007
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Purchase of Hispanic PR Wire, LatinClips and Hispanic Digital Network will create the most comprehensive array of communications services for U.S. Hispanic marketers PR Newswire today announced its acquisition of Hispanic PR Wire, LatinClips, and Hispanic Digital Network, recognizing the need for highly targeted marketing tools among those who communicate with the influential, fast-growing Hispanic market. Manny Ruiz, President and co-founder of the Miami-based businesses, as well as the company's senior management team will join PR Newswire and assume responsibility for creating additional services to benefit the Hispanic marketplace. "We are very pleased to join forces with PR Newswire because they share our passionate commitment to serving our clients, media partners and the Hispanic community," said Ruiz, who will remain the company's president. "The tangible benefits of this partnership will be immediately evident to our clients in the form of 24/7 hours of operation, expanded product offerings and soon to be launched, new communications services."
3 Jan 2008
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ZINK Imaging Unveils a Revolutionary ZINK™ “ZeroInk™” Printing Technology Each year, millions of pictures are taken by camera phones and other devices, but are never printed because consumers just don’t know how to or the process is too difficult. ZINK Imaging has unveiled a new way for consumers to print and experience full color digital images without the need for ink cartridges or ribbons using ZINK™ Technology. This patented technology shifts the printing paradigm from an ink cartridge or ink ribbon to a totally ink-free system. Images magically appear on the ZINK Paper™ without a drop of ink. The key to the ZINK process is the ZINK Paper, which is protected by more than 100 patents and patents pending. Dye crystals are embedded into the ZINK Paper and are activated by heat from a ZINK-enabled printer. The crystals then colorize, producing high quality, long-lasting, durable, and affordable images. ZINK Technology will create an entirely new “ZINK” category of printers that are small, simple, mobile, and eco-friendly. It is a catalyst for product designers to create a new generation of printing products that make printing an anytime, anywhere experience. The first products using ZINK Technology will enable printing where it has never before been possible - in the pocket of every camera phone and digital camera user. Printing in the moment is possible thanks to ZINK. The ZINK printing platform is in the early years of a life span expected to last many decades. The ZINK Imaging team is constantly working to develop new versions of the technology to meet the needs of an extensive roadmap of ZINK-enabled products targeted for multiple markets and applications. To learn more about ZINK Imaging, please visit WWW.ZINK.COM.
10 Jan 2008
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"Life Happens Here" Guiding Light is set to launch a groundbreaking new production model in 2008 that will create a more intimate experience for the shows viewers. See why Guiding Light is changing the world of soap opera's for yourself.
19 Jan 2008
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"Life Happens Here" Guiding Light is set to launch a groundbreaking new production model in 2008 that will create a more intimate experience for the show's viewers. See why Guiding Light is changing the world of soap opera's for yourself.
19 Jan 2008
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Talk on Giving money to the homeless. Dr. Acharya Yogeesh: If you give money to the homeless man or homeless woman, you are adding another homeless person to our society. Instead of giving them money, give them clothes, food and work. The truth about the homeless is that most of them collect the money you give, that is your hard earned money, and throw parties at night while buying beer and drugs with your money. Money can make the homeless person go crazy. What unfortunate, is that the real homeless person may not get money, but the alcoholic and drug addict homeless people do. Give the homeless work. However, I can guarantee you they'll run away in a week or two. The homeless want easy money. We, you, are responsible for creating a homeless society. The government should not allow homeless people to live on the streets. No beggars on the streets. The Indian Government passed a law banning beggars on the streets. Being a beggar is the worst thing to do. Some people like to beg God for things. Some prayer is begging. They beg God to heal the sick in their family. If God WAS a person, if he/she will tell you to go get medical insurance and bring the member to the hospital. The truth is, you need to put efforts in your own life. The more money you give to the beggars, the homeless, the more homeless people you will create. Feed them, give them clothes, give them work. Don't be the provider of their alcohol and drug needs. You may think you are being compassionate, but you are keeping that person homeless and dependent. You may think you are collecting good karma for giving money, but the truth is, you are collecting bad karma for keeping a homeless person on the street. Help a poor family, adopt an orphan. Be helpful that way. Know this truth: The homeless people WANT to be homeless. Keywords: homeless, homeless people, homeless video, homeless man, homeless woman, homeless children, homeless shelter, homeless statistics, truth about homeless, crank dat homeless man, homeless teenagers, homeless youth, bum, bums, First Video Description Do not support the homeless with money. Give the homeless man or woman clothes, work, and food. By giving them money, you support their alcohol and drug addiction and habit. It is not compassionate to give money to the homeless. You are responsible, if you give money, to adding one more homeless person to the society. Helping the poor with food, clothes, and work is good karma. Giving money to the homeless brings you bad karma. Don't feed their drug addiction. kwords: giving money to homeless, money, poor, truth, drug, alcohol, addiction, compassion, society, spiritual truth spirituality, money to the poor, guilt, jesus
18 Nov 2008
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