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*******www.emfnews****/store/ *******www.emfnews****/productinfo.html While there is no federally developed national standard for safe levels of exposure to radiofrequency (RF) energy, many federal agencies have addressed this important issue. In addition to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), federal health and safety agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) have been actively involved in monitoring and investigating issues related to RF exposure. For example, the FDA has issued guidelines for safe RF emission levels from microwave ovens, and it continues to monitor exposure issues related to the use of certain RF devices such as cellular telephones. NIOSH conducts investigations and health hazard assessments related to occupational RF exposure. Federal, state, and local government agencies and other organizations have generally relied on RF exposure standards developed by expert non-government organizations such as the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP). Since 1996, the FCC has required that all wireless communications devices sold in the United States meet its minimum guidelines for safe human exposure to radiofrequency (RF) energy. The FCC’s guidelines and rules regarding RF exposure are based upon standards developed by IEEE and NCRP and input from other federal agencies, such as those listed above. These guidelines specify exposure limits for hand-held wireless devices in terms of the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR). The SAR is a measure of the rate that RF energy is absorbed by the body. For exposure to RF energy from wireless devices, the allowable FCC SAR limit is 1.6 watts per kilogram (W/kg), as averaged over one gram of tissue. All wireless devices sold in the US go through a formal FCC approval process to ensure that they do not exceed the maximum allowable SAR level when operating at the device’s highest possible power level. If the FCC learns that a device does not confirm with the test report upon which FCC approval is based – in essence, if the device in stores is not the device the FCC approved – the FCC can withdraw its approval and pursue enforcement action against the appropriate party. *******www.emfnews****/products.html *******emfnews****/Lifewave-Cellphone-Matrix-Shield-Test.html
17 Jan 2013
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13 Jun 2013
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17 Jun 2013
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17 Jun 2013
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30 Mar 2009
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HitPlay Devices Pvt. Ltd - Get the latest cool gadgets and technology avaliable at one click. Cool Gadgets,Latest Gadgets,Innovative Gadgets,Unique Gadgets,Promotional Gifts,Gadget Shop, Unique Stuff,Lava Lamps,Clocks,Quirky,Latest Trends,Giveaways
As mobile devices become more prevalent, there are new ways they can be used in and around the home to integrate with digital home entertainment. This was shown at ResearchIntel day June 18, 2009.
3 Jul 2009
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10 Jun 2013
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17 Jun 2013
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*******www.emfnews**** *******www.emfnews****/store/home-radiation-protection.html Emr exposure radiation from cell phone are cell phones dangerous mobile phone health risk electromagnetic energy wireless radiation wireless radiation cell. Cell phone radiation bluetooth cell phone radiation headset microwave radiation protection cell phone emf shield dect safety phones radiofrequency emissions. Mobile phone radiation protection mobile phone health risk cell phone antennas cell phone radiation shield radiation safety tips cell phone tower health risks. *******www.emfnews****/store *******www.emfnews****/store/home-cell-phone-and-mobile-tower-radiation-meters.html
1 Jul 2013
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This is my sony ericsson blue tooth headset. Here i have shown various parts of this wireless device. This is a great wireless connectivity device for active mobile users.
12 Feb 2009
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Learn about a cool device that lets you share your tunes. The i2i Stream is a digital music broadcaster. Join Chris Graveline for This Week in Tech History. Visit www.graveline**** for more!
9 Feb 2009
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Learn about a cool device that lets you share your tunes with Rob Almanza on our "Into Tomorrow" Product Spotlight.
24 Oct 2008
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