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Chow Chow Roscoe scared of wobbly ball
16 Sep 2007
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Don't mistake our Hula Wobbling Tumblers for the inappropriately drunk guy at the soiree. Just because these wobble glasses shimmy and shake, it doesn't mean they can't hold their liquor. Quite the contrary, in fact! The Hula Wobbling Tumblers will take all of your brushes, bumps, flicks, nicks, glances, and hits in perfect stride. Their carefully rounded bottom allows the Hula Tumblers to rest comfortably on any surface, but if disturbed, will cheerfully wobble. Hula Wobbling Tumblers are available in two different color sets, each featuring four 6 ounce glasses.
26 Nov 2008
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This is fun - a greeting card with a wobbly backside. Just flick that ass and watch it go! Published in the Uk by A Nice Touch, these greeting cards are sold under the brand name of "Wobbly Bits" and can be seen at *******www.anicetouch******/
8 Jan 2009
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These greeting cards are funny, sexy and they are wobbly. Just give that ass a quick flick and watch it wobble. The girls in England love them, shrieking with laughter at every flick. They are published in the UK by "A Nice Touch" and will be available online from 27 January 2009 at *******www.anicetouch******/
15 Jan 2009
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This vid shows how you can add some fun to a business to business marketing campaign by add in an interactive wobbly head. For further info take a look at *******www.popupmailers******/wobbly_heads.html . Manufactured in the UK by Whitney Woods.
7 Jan 2009
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Iceman Beats demonstrate the capabilites of Native Instruments Massive VST - Creating a wobble bass using LFO rate automation.
4 Oct 2009
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KP from Iceman Beats shows us how to create a dubstep wobble bass in Massive using LFO rate automation and then how to manually edit our LFO rate in Cubase.
7 Nov 2009
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this is the first tutorial ever done by me,to show you how to use massive from NI to wobble ur sounds..
29 Jan 2010
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Lil Turtle's New Hit Single 'Wobble On The Floor'
26 Mar 2010
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Wobble On The Floor (Final Version)
26 Apr 2010
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Here is a card from the wobbly bits range. The magnificant mailers are fun and interactive. They will add that little bit extra to your promotion and keep the customer picking it up over and over. Add an irresistable streak to your campaign at *******www.popupmailers******/popup_wobblycards.php
18 Jun 2010
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This demonstrates the wobbly bits showcards. This punchy promotional product will energise your campaign and heighten your advertising. This is a simple action however very effective. To find out more on these showcards visit us at *******www.popupmailers******/popup_wobblycards.php
18 Jun 2010
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Add interaction to your direct mailer with a wobbly bits showcard. Its simple but effective action will get you the reaction you require. This funky new way to advertise is very appealing and you can put on any advert you like. Get experimental effectivness at *******www.popupmailers******/popup_wobblycards.php
18 Jun 2010
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This shows a wobbly bits card. It is a great way to add abit of zing to your advertising campaign. The stability and exclusive look of this card means it can be displayed, leaving your promotional message in view for a period of time. Find out more about these products at *******www.popupmailers******/popup_wobblycards.php
18 Jun 2010
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