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*******stopsweatingit****/how-to-stop-excessive-sweating Life doesn't have to be so sweaty and soggy, learn how to end your sweating embarrassment here.
28 Oct 2008
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In which my evil twin Procrastinatorater keeps me from posting a song, I subject myself to a second helping of ginger, and I discuss the perils of thin walls and ceilings. Thanks for subscribing! You rock! Leave comments and feedback, please! Anything else you’d like to see? Let me know. Today’s Dose of Awesome – Wooly Mammoth Rides! *******tinyurl****/c74w9a6 Uncyclopedia – Ice Age! Originally, the term was invented by a group of distinguished scientists to describe the summer, when most ice cream is sold. Historians later twisted the truth (as they so often do) by using the term for the time when a substance closely resembling raspberry ice cream covered the whole earth. Probably the moon and the sun, too. The only place without ice was Paris, where blood from the executions at the guillotine prevented ice from forming. Also, much to popular belief the dinosaurs did not live during the most recent ice age, yes kids, in Ice Age 3 Manny, Diego and that random retarded sloth thingy are all in a police cell having a very bad trip...(That includes the first two movies as well.) It helps to know such valid and important information, man, I don't know what the producer was smoking when he was producing that movie... Devised by Alan Parsons in 1794, it has grown into a massive state project in the last quarter century, trying to determine the age of ice flows across the globe. The basic process of determining ice age is simple. For this experiment, all you need is a lump of ice and a piece of apparatus known as a glaciodripometer. Just melt the ice you want to date and the number of drops of water produced is the age of the ice in years. The viability of this system for dealing with ice of an age well over 4 million years has recently come into question.
8 Dec 2011
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Box Office Recap From Getthedaily**** - Your Online Source For News.
11 Mar 2008
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More than wooly mammoths in Siberia, comrade!
15 Mar 2010
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Unusual Gift for Fathers - Skull Rings - as part of the Product Guide series by GeoBeats. In Evolution classic these skull rings are made out of sterling silver and fossil wooly mammoth ivory and jet. Make an excellent accessory to anyone who is interested in natural history and likes to wear them around.
14 Jun 2011
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Father's Day: 5 Bizarre Gifts - as part of the Product Guide series by GeoBeats. This is one of our genuine Alligator's head. It's actually a by-product of the leather industry so the rest of this guy is probably on somebody's shoes or handbag somewhere but he makes a great and affordable gift. Definitely something to talk about. These are two examples of our meteorites. This one - the largest one we currently have in our store weighs 80 lbs and was originally found where it fell in Argentina. It is a campo del cielo meteorite, the other one here is Sikhote-Alin Meteorite, originally fell in Russia. Meteorites are made primarily out of iron and nickel and they make an out of this world gift for anyone in space or into metal. In Evolution classic these skull rings are made out of sterling silver and fossil wooly mammoth ivory and jet. Make an excellent accessory to anyone who is interested in natural history and likes to wear them around. This is one of our German scientific posters. They were designed and started printing in 1960s and have been in constant productions since then. This particular one is of the common house cat and has many of its special features didactically illustrated here, including its skeleton, its eyes, its claws and ofcourse the little cat. The cave bear became extinct about 10000 years ago. They originally lived all over Northern Europe. This one in particular was found in the Euro mountains in Russia and would make an excellent addition to any fossil collection. It's really impressive cave bear skull.
15 Jun 2011
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Classic Game Room interviews STELLA the Classic Game Room video game dog, our official mascot. She's a 3 year old German shepherd/chow chow mixed breed adopted from the humane society. Stella sheds like a woolie mammoth or Chewbacca. She's a cute dog and one of the cutest dogs in the whole wide world. I think that she is the most cutest puppy ever, even cuter than those Japanese welsh corgy videos of cute puppies climbing out of shoes and nursing kittens. Japan WISHES they had a dog like this, but they don't! Take your corgies somewhere else fools! Even if your corgi has one billion hits on youtube, my dog is cuter and she knows it. She's got her own show. She reviews video games. She is a professional, respected and trusted video game reviews. What does your corgie do? Does it just sit there and use up oxygen looking cute? Yeah? Well that's lame, Stella is more awesome than your dog. She knows tricks like sit and down. She can eat cookies. She barks. Sheep and cows and human babies are not as cute as Stella the official mascot of the Classic Game Room video game review show. Word!
18 Aug 2012
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