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Bill Gates once said he always let lazy workers do his projects cause they for sure find an easy way to do it. They are working smart, not hard.
9 Mar 2018
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In this video TimeManagement**** shows you how to work less and yet get more done.
11 Jan 2010
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These guys show us what it's like to be working with smartness and finesse. They must be having loads of fun at their workplace.
31 Oct 2019
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Yes, working hard reaps a lot of rewards, but experience tells me that the best way to achieve success is to work hard at working smart.
28 Jun 2009
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***********/ibm/servicemanagement/?cmp=agus_itspsmism-20100512&cm=v&csr=ism_bank&cr=m&ct=usitp200&cm_mmc=agus_itspsmism-20100512-usitp200-_-v-_-ism_bank-_-m IBM banking industry customers, Armando Lemos of Banco ABC and Syed Asif Shah of Central Depository Company of Pakistan discuss the opportunity to participate in different mergers and the need for security has changed and improved, plus the performancy needs for online transactions has increased. Their customers definitely want more for less, so it is a matter of combining different goals to the banking industry and provide high quality services, without obviously losing quality on that service to the external user. As customers demand better services and as environments get more complex, visibility control and automation play a key role. Through using IBM service management software, both customers were able to work smarter - more efficiently and effectively. "Well as being in the banking industry, I had the opportunity to participate in different mergers, so since then, the security has changed, improved. The performancy needs for online transactions increased. The customers definitely want more for less, so it is a matter of combining different goals to the banking industry and provide high quality services, without obviously losing quality on that service to the external user. You see, in terms of depository business, everywhere in the world, it’s not about competition, it’s about the management of the assets that we hold. We are sort of a custodian for those assets, and managing a portfolio of $20 billion for 300,000 customers, it’s very important for us that we maintain a strong reputation so that the customers can trust this whole system, this whole depository service, and then the can keep on investing and helping in the overall economic growth of the country. As we got more complex, as our environment got more complex, we needed the visibility into the infrastructure end-to-end and that’s where this IT service management framework comes into play, Control is a fundamental element of any business. It helps you govern the business in a better way, and as the infrastructure starts getting complex, you need more and more controls placed at different elements of the infrastructure, and this was what was required for us as well, and we definitely entered into the service management framework to build better controls around different products and services. Of course, automation is one of the key things that is required. Again, this is all coming up from the complex and large infrastructure. You need automation so that you can do the same things repeated over different times in the same manner. Rather than depending on humans or individuals doing that process, you want automatically those processes to be done so that you get the same results every time you do those processes and automation is a key. And it also helps you optimize your business. Because we as a bank, we understand that we’re not here just for the moment. We are here for the future. So we are talking about 5, 10, 20 years for the solution still to be up and running. That comes flexibility, scalability, and other architecture decisions that we made. And it’s not only technology, it’s not only processes, it’s not only people. So we have to have a foundation that unites at least those three criteria in such a way that you can say we have something to offer to the customer without even him knowing that what it is. And we definitely rely on IBM to do that, because it was one of the groups that understands how to do architecture design, how to construct a solid solution, and how to deploy and deliver that, based on a time-based that we are willing to have for the business. In terms of service management, IBM portfolio, if you equate it with one big puzzle, then it has got all of the different components that fits in to make a whole a picture, and then you can start it from anywhere. It doesn’t mean that you will start from A and then B and C, you can start it wherever your problem is, wherever you need the most that is required. And then you can fit in the other parts as well. …working smart means that you work more efficiently with the same set of or even less resources that you have and in a better manner, and for our environment, that’s very much true. Since the last two years we have seen that there’s a global recession which we have seen, and we have also seen the number of hirings that we could have done were totally freezed, but we were able to manage the show going on with the same sort of resources in a satisfaction level where from 90% we have jumped to 99% in system availability and SLA. Smart is a very small word, but for us, truly, it captures the sense that we need to be concerned of what we need to deploy and what time and what cost to our customers. Trust is something really important for us. And we had to make a decision between choosing different companies for our project or relying one company that could deliver it all. IBM is one technology company and being technological, it means that we can rely on them to provide the same quality today and in the future. So it’s important for us to get such a vision that whatever we’re doing today will definitely be useful in the future. "
15 May 2010
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10 Jun 2009
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How to make the most of your time and create massive wealth
8 Nov 2007
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16 Feb 2012
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This is what we call smart work. You have to work smart, not hard to make the work easy. Amazing work!
25 Aug 2017
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Simple life hacks can make our life very easy and efficient, especially if you are in a messy business like cutting a lot of wood. Presenting the next level of working smart.
4 Dec 2017
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We guess you've heard about this before. The laziest people are sure to find the easiest way around any job they get. Don't work hard, work smart.
9 Aug 2019
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Calling smart people lazy would be a crime and people do it all the time. Learn to work smartly, not hard.
25 Oct 2019
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