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Online Marketer Peter Michael spills his guts about himself, his dreams and why he choose an online business to build financial freedom. Plus listen close for a\ few lesser known biz tips. more at www.myglobalresortsbusiness****
26 May 2009
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You won't do it, you're a chicken LOLOLOL
6 Jul 2017
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This ride is absolutely bonkers!!! Would you do it?
2 Jun 2018
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Why else would you do it?
23 Aug 2007
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DadLabs Ep. 269 The Lab - Daddy Clay and Daddy Brad reveal what can cure all family ills. Well maybe that is overstating it a bit, but if you found something that helped your kids perform better in school, avoid sex, drugs, alcohol and tobacco, reduced the likelihood of an eating disorder and helped the development of vocabulary, would you do it? Then make sure you eat with your family. This video is brought to you by BabyBjorn. The benefits of the family dinner are incredibly well studied and proven especially with kids approaching their teenage years. And it doesn't matter if you are having a five course dinner or take-out, or whether the TV is on or off. Having 5-7 meals a week as a family has major benefits. The enemies of the family dinner are over scheduling your kids with activities and your work commute. Be careful of these dangers. And thankfully, the family dinner will not help your kids stay away from rock-n-roll. I wanna rock!
8 Sep 2010
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If you could help end world hunger, save endangered species or reverse global warming by having fun playing a game online, would you do it? Beginning this summer, you can. A small group of socially conscious people from three continents have developed an online game designed to help the environment and fight poverty in the real world by turning game rewards into real-life help for social and environmental causes. The game, called Glupod, will debut worldwide on May 30. It's the brainchild of Ioannis Tsiokos of Athens and a small band of colleagues at Something, Inc. who collaborate online from Greece, India, the United States and the United Kingdom.
27 Feb 2008
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UST FOR FUN (copyright 1983) all original pop, country, rock song by James Graff with lead guitar and starring Fuzzy Ninja my black cat: James Graff wrote, orchestrated, arranged, sang, played all instruments, engineered, produced, mixed, mastered, and edited this original, home made music video - blame him!!! (For the bad, bad images and horrible sound and the many seconds long audio drop out!! Hey! I am a musician not a videographer....yet...) Lyrics by James Graff and Sean Duffy!! *******www.MySpace****/JamesGraff *******www.GarageBand****/artist/JamesGraff *******www.JamesGraff**** "If you were to dedicate the rest of your life to easing suffering on earth - now and into the future - what would you do? How would you do it?" JAMES GRAFF WRITES, PRODUCES, SINGS AND PLAYS ALL MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS AND HAS SANG AND PLAYED IN OVER 40 COUNTRIES AND IN FRONT OF TENS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE IN BANDS WITH MEMBERS FROM: Marilyn Manson Frank Sinatra Orchestra Extreme Creed
30 Oct 2008
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GLOBAL WARMING AND CLIMATE CHANGE - MOST SEVERE CONSEQUENCES AND BEST SOLUTIONS: Global warming "THREATENS" possible human extinction!! However, all of the hype and propaganda about global climate change - which is quite possibly inevitable and due to changes in the Sun and the Earth's water vapor system - also threatens the development of all third world nations - where majority of unnecessary suffering occurs. These topics are rarely broadcasted to people!! I studied systems engineering and finance at the "Ivy League" University of Pennsylvania. I took a seminar - in 1997!! - with dozens of visiting world renowned EXPERT lecturers that CONVINCED me that global warming "THREATENS" to eventually decimate or annihilate the current human population!!! (Oddly enough, I wouldn't mind if - and have indeed already resigned myself to the fact that - other species will be given back some ecosystem to thrive!) It is a long and complicated explanation but briefly: only a small fraction of the current population of 6 billion will be able to survive on the fresh water and arable land available on Earth when it (eventually, some day) irrevocably switches from an ICE AGE dynamic equilibrium to an ARID AGE steady state! Can we stop it? and how quickly will the change occur (dozens, hundreds or thousands of years)? are the only real questions in my mind at this point!!!! Questions?? EXTREME ENVIRONMENTAL changes on Earth constantly and CONSISTENTLY cause: 1. extremely rapid - a few months to a few decades - dominant species extinction followed by 2. nearly as rapid alternative species "blooming" (exploding diversity) This is THE ONLY consistent, long term biological process that occurs on Earth: No one species has EVER dominated Earth for long due to hitherto unpredictable and uncontrollable CATASTROPHIC ecosystem changes (moderate ice age to EXTREME arid age is merely one of many - and it usually takes some time...but why risk speeding this up?...) Just recently the scientific world announced that - according to current verifiable data - 30% - 40% of known species may be extinct by 2050 - due mainly to climate change! All debate is reasonable. However, is it reasonable to continue doing something - not utterly necessary for our current or future survival - that "debatable" scientific evidence clearly shows MAY some "debatable" day MERCILESSLY PLAGUE or perhaps even END our species prematurely?!? Because that is exactly what nature has always intended and ALWAYS done! Test and improve the Earth's many genetic codes' SURVIVAL ABILITY!! I audited PENN's bi-weekly SYSTEMS ENGINEERING seminar of various international scientific experts back in 1997! The whole story only came together after over 20 world renowned experts - from diverse disciplines - had extensively weighed in on multifarious and extremely complex scientific topics. I was CONVINCED of a real and absurdly extreme and "immediate" THREAT to humanity - worse than any other I have studied (entropy, plague, viruses, asteroids, orbital/solar system change, peak oil, war (nukes in Asia?), premature, "Frankenstein-like", scientific advancement (genetic engineered weapons!)...notice how terrorism is not worth mention - it doesn't even register as a threat to our species!) - with a real but uncertain probability: Why throw dice unnecessarily?? WHAT WE SHOULD DO: 1. Develop better climate prediction technology - including early waring systems for the most likely catastrophic climate scenarios (collapse of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, rapid loss of the Greenland Ice Sheet, large-scale changes in ocean circulation systems...) 2. Develop technologies to improve the energy-conversion efficiency of coal-fired Chinese power plants (these will produce the lion's share of CO2 over the next century). 3. Develop technology: alternative energy, energy conservation and efficiency, "decarbonizing" technology. 4. Plant trees, use reflective paint, buttress buildings better, develop crops that grow better in warmer climates, rethink zoning codes for coastal areas. 5. Promote more energy efficient habits and lifestyles through education and monetary and social incentives (EVERYONE SHOULD WORK ON THIS). Live only where you can WALK or BIKE to almost every daily activity, shun activities that use energy sources, prefer more natural (outdoor?) social activities (lights at night are unnatural and actually stressful to you and cause you to produce less melatonin, increasing your cancer risk! Libraries are better - more accurate, useful and healthier - sources of information than the internet!) *******www.MySpace****/JamesGraff *******www.GarageBand****/artist/Jame... *******www.JamesGraff**** I made a home made video: "She's My Whole World" written in 1985, produced, engineered, photographed, edited, sang and performed entirely by James Graff. (Pictures are of Liina Kairo - in no particular order - pretty amazing how the photos and audio seem to serendipitously fall into place!!) "If you were to dedicate your life to easing suffering on earth - now and into the future - how would you do it? What would you do?" (Work/play ONLY for charity?) sang, played all the instrument, recorded and produced this song on four track cassette as a DEMO in my MOM'S LAUNDY ROOM!!! The song was partially inspired by the Police song "Every Breath You Take" which I pay homage to with the line: "...and every breath I take..." I hope that every one catches the allegory/analogy and the moral "to the story": it's a song about a girl who is my "whole world" but on the second most obvious level it's also about our world the planet earth - better treat "her" right!!! Date Created 1985 Lyrics Lyrics for "She's My Hole World" (Copyright 1985) She's so beautiful, Done up in green and blue In such a Godly way, I can't keep away And she's last and first, In quenching all my thirsts She's gives me streams and lakes, and every breath I take She's My Whole World She's not just my girl, She's My Whole World She's not just my girl, She's My Whole World And I'd do anything, Just to keep her hole 'Cus all my night time warmth, comes from deep within her soul The analogy goes on, but not in just one song, She's My Whole World I wish you all only knew the way she makes me think that it's nothin' new that we're on the brink Our next generation's becoming extinct It's time we renewed our pact don't you think She's not just my girl, She's My Whole World She's not just my girl, She's My Whole World And such a pretty face, No other could replace She's every thing I feel, without her nothing's real The analogy goes on, But not in just one song She's My Whole World When you and I aren't here, the stratosphere disappears And when you're not by my side Armegeddon gets in my eyes And when we fight nuclear bombs ignite Such a She's my only world...
25 Jan 2010
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*******www.bluedreamztravel**** I don't know about you but I was tired of living paycheck to paycheck. Never being able to enjoy life and do other things besides work. Working temp jobs because it was so hard to find full-time work. I had enough with stressing about the samething all the time... MONEY! I am a single mom and never had time for my son. I knew there was something better out there for me and my family. I have gotten into so many opportunities and was continously being ripped off. Well, I found the real deal in Traverus. The most successful travel agencies are no longer the "brick and mortar" over priced rental spaces of the past, They are the "click and portal" agencies of the future. We invite you to come with us as we change the way the world travels!!! The benefits of Traverus: ~ Travel Savings Discounts ~ Personalized Website ~ Travel Agent Basic Training At NO Cost To You 24/7 ~ Earn 70% - 90% of the commission from Travel Bookings, Sales and even more... ~ Travel Agent Residual Income "CHANGE YOUR DESTINY TODAY, FOR AN AWESOME TOMORROW" Tell me something, If you could replace your income by working a few hours a week and eventually be able to "Fire Your Boss". Would You Do It? If you could have more time to spend with your family and just RELAX and ENJOY life. Is it Worth It? I thought so... How about you? Stop Deferring Your Dreams, And Make Them Come Alive... Make sure to subscribe as there are more videos to come. Come visit me on myspace *******www.myspace****/travelwitblue **THIS IS NOT AN MLM, THIS IS A REAL OPPORTUNITY. THIS IS NOT FOR EVERYONE. BUT IF YOU FEEL THIS IS FOR YOU, CONTACT ME!!!** Contact Info: Shameka Logan *******www.bluedreamztravel**** Skype - shameka.travelblue Email - bluedreamztravelgmail****
21 May 2008
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We are all driven by money. Yet, what if you had to get rid of it in order to be let alone by an uncanny and haunting figure? How would you do it if you were not allowed to donate it to a deserving poor person?
17 Nov 2008
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Imagine life’s stress is weighing you down. You find an advertisement for a business that offers to extract and store your soul with the promise it will temporarily alleviate your suffering. Would you do it?
28 Jun 2009
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What if you could purchase great products at wholesale prices AND feed a starving child for one week with every purchase...would you do it? Welcome to Tampogo! We have built our company based on this exact concept. We contribute to a major non-profit organization that focuses on ending world hunger. They have scientifically designed a food and vitamin product that provides all of the essential nutritional support for undernourished children in second and third world countries around the world. The food is packaged by volunteers and shipped to volunteer run distribution sites around the world. Every item you purchase on Tampogo, feeds a starving child somewhere in the world for one week. Imagine a world in which you help end hunger, poverty and hopelessness. It is possible and Tampogo is dedicated to make this dream a reality. We have committed a percentage of every purchase as well as a percentage of our annual profit. You can be part of the solution by providing hope and nutrition for a hurting child. Think of the best online shopping experience you know. Now think of a place where you can purchase the same products you buy everyday at significant discounts. Imagine this business belongs to you! This is TamPogo: the one of a kind experience where “online shopping” meets “your very own online business.” TamPogo is an online shopping site featuring thousands of high demand products sold at incredible prices. TamPogo is also the no-cost way to own an online business. TamPogo is designed to generate income for you in two ways. First, you become an iRep for FREE and sign up Direct Customers to buy products from your personalized TamPogo website. Second, you sign up other iReps on your team. Now you are on your way to creating real revenue! •TamPogo is FREE to join •There’s no membership fee •There’s no registration fee •There’s no parties to host •There’s no product inventory to invest in The marketing landscape has shifted dramatically from advertizing agencies, billboards and expensive TV commercials to social networking and blogging. TamPogo continues to spread like wildfire through the viral power of the internet. The revolutionary new way to shop and make money online is here. Be a part of it. Ready. Set. TamPogo! Go to www.go-tampogo****
18 Jul 2009
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