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Look at this "making of" ad for smart, which I found on YouTube - a wrecking ball is swung at a the smart car, with a hard-hat-wearing chap sat in the driver's seat who then gets out in one piece. He must be insane! I've seen the TV ad - it makes you very sceptical as you never get to see the front of the car, so feels like there was some sort of camera trickery involved - but you cant argue with this making of... I like it. It makes a better point then all those ads of cars driving around windy mountain roads
24 May 2008
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DSW carnival employees on the wrecking ball
23 Aug 2008
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A clip from Human Wrecking Balls, premiering Novemeber 12th 10:30pm on G4. Find out more here: *******www.g4tv****/humanwreckingballs
7 Nov 2008
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A trailer from G4's new show "Human Wrecking Balls," featuring world class expert breakers Craig and Paul Pumphrey scientifically demonstrating how to destroy a car with their bodies. More info at *******www.g4tv****/humanwreckingballs
11 Nov 2008
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The Pumphrey Brothers, Paul and Craig, are the Human Wrecking Balls. From cars and airplanes, to bowling alleys and office buildings, these world record holders are known for bashing, crashing and smashing things with their bare hands.
12 Nov 2008
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EXCLUSIVE...Dodge minivan that entered a construction zone in Manhattan was accidentally hit and flipped over by the wrecking ball. MUST SEE!!
2 Dec 2009
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Skylanders review part 14. Classic Game Room reviews SKYLANDERS WRECKING BALL figure for Skylanders Spyro's Adventure, a tech element Skylander who rolls around the screen and attacks enemies with his tongue attack of doom! Wrecking Ball is a funny looking skylander who resembles a squashed, blue centipede with chicken feathers. He's extremely fun to play as and moderately effective, but most importantly he makes for a cool figuring because he's so odd looking. CGR Wrecking Ball Skylanders video review shows the Wrecking Ball figure and Wrecking Ball gameplay in Skylanders on PS3 (he also works for other versions of the game like 3DS and Xbox 360).
6 Jul 2012
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Bangups are this year’s most interesting band known to date. Infused with classic undertones of 50s and 60s guitar riffs, this band is electrifying, yet rare and original. Hailing from Grand Rapids, Michigan, Bangups are receiving high praise from the upcoming album HELLCAT!. HIP Video Promo introduces their latest video release “Ego Wrecking Ball,” an imaginatively entertaining clip.
20 Jun 2013
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"The song's a smash!" the country star raved about 'Wrecking Ball.'
13 Sep 2013
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26 Oct 2013
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Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball
8 Mar 2018
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I don't know for sure but I guess this is where she has got the inspiration for her one of the s*xiest video called Wrecking Ball.
12 Nov 2018
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