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Am a comedian and business man as well.I love singing and making people laugh.I love everyone.
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Danger Vision - Lupe Fiasco - Mixtape Review - Enemy of the State. Why does Lupe leave us in those WTF moments? Danger Vision - Lupe Fiasco -*******www.dangervision**** Distributed by Tubemogul.
2 Jan 2010
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*******www.numaga**** for more! Lets give the word Epic another meaning. I decided to make a compilation of hot babes, epic crashes, WTF moments, stunts and beautiful timelapses with Dubstep music. Instead of splitting them all up by category, why not throw them all in 1 video? All videos used have been featured on Numaga**** in the last 14 days or so. Only HD + Full HD footage was used to make this video. Hope you like it! Soundtrack: Pendulum - Set me on Fire Buy Track / Album via iTunes -****/gb/album/set-me-on-fire/id369711549?i
11 Jul 2010
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Download it: *******filelinksave****/Epic8488/Pro Click here to watch Call of Duty Black Ops: Top 10 Lucky Kills: Episode 25 by Anoj Call of Duty Black Ops: Top 10 Epic Fails: Episode 27 by Anoj Enter atHow to Submit Your Black Ops Clips: 1. Record your film into a film clip 2. Upload your film clip to ZShare**** 3. Go too enter 4. Click on "Submit A Video" then click "Call of Duty: Black Ops" 5. Fill out submission form which includes: - Episode Number - Email Address - Gamertag/ PSN ID - ZShare**** Download Link or YouTube Link - Short Description of the Clip 6. Click Submit! Black Ops Accepted Submissions: Episode 29: WTF Moments Episode 31: Sniper Kills Episode 32: Unusual Kills Episode TBA: Killcams Episode TBA: Freakout Reactions All submissions from Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, and PC are accepted. The music in this video is from Call of Duty: Black Ops Soundtrack. Titles of the songs used are in the credits. Giveaway is run by Top10Series, not Machinima. Check out more Top 10 Series Black Ops Episodes!This Respawn video will show you: how to level up in Call of Duty: Black Ops how to submit to top10series how to snipe in Black Ops how to upload Black Ops to youtube how to get killstreaks in Black Opsags: yt:quality=high "Call of Duty" "Black Ops" BlackOps Treyarch Activision UPC 047875840034 CoD "Hardened Edition" EAN "047875840225" Vietnam first-person shooter FPS Microsoft Xbox 360 X360 Sony "PlayStation 3" PS3 Windows Vista "Windows 7" PC Nintendo Wii DS "top 10" series anoj machinima season 1 episode glitches skill greatest freakout reactions epic fails Amazing Kills cam awesome gameplay respawn throwing knife wins "Episode 27" "ep 27" "Epic Fails" freakout reactions
14 Jun 2011
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lol, Flippy is so hardcore flaming gay. His performance wasn't cut off that much compared to his practice video. You gotta love these WTF? moments. His official website: *******www.mylifeasaclown****/flippy/ You can watch the making of his video, watch his reaction, and buy t-shirts etc. I was walking through Display & Costume the other day when I found "John the Inflatable Friend": *******cgi.ebay****/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=330189173785 I don't know why he isn't on the displaycostume**** site, so maybe John is in random stores? Just put a loincloth on him and you can have your very own Raoul XD
29 Oct 2011
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Download file here: *******transfermega****/Grace1838/Edition Glitch 1/3 is available at ALL Zombie maps. Glitch 2/3 Is a great barrierglitch 3 players can be in the glitch Glitch 3/3 is a great barrierglitch 2 3 players can be in the glitch Tags : "Call of Duty" "Black Ops" BlackOps Treyarch Activision CoD "Hardened Edition" EAN Vietnam first-person shooter FPS Microsoft Xbox 360 X360 Sony "PlayStation 3" PS3 Windows Vista "Windows 7" PC Nintendo Wii DS glitches skill greatest freakout reactions epic fails COD vs Halo Reach Rap Song Bryan Simon Brysi Machinima music video rap hip hop battleRead This Description First Guys You'll Understand More :), I hope you guys are going to enjoy the journey upto round 60 I am going to be doing open lobby Zombie matches and its 1st join 1st play, if you want to know when im doing them follow me on twitter. Hope you enjoyed, theres allot more to come, If you ever want to ask me a question, comment on my channel wall :) Coming back from the FIRING RANGE I passed a town and this chick told me it was a NUKETOWN she suffered from RADIATION and contracted WMD? I went back to her VILLA the power was out, it was something to do with the GRID it was a CRISIS. We went to her room, she told me her name was HANOI then got undressed. I was in ARRAY of how much like a JUNGLE it was down there. After a few hours my pelvis CRACKED when I tried to LAUNCH my stuff and she reached her SUMMIT and screamed HAVANA! modern warfare top 10 series kills anoj machinima season episode 11 12 13 glitches skill greatest freakout reactions amazing cam awesome gameplay bugs lucky quickscoping respawn cod mw2 throwing knife tactical nuke ac 130 snipes 360 xbox black ops cod4 no scope wtf moments chopper gunner infinity ward top10series yt:quality=high Call of Duty Modern Warfare [2] MW2 PS3 XBox XBox360 X360 PC MPN 83747 Infinity Ward Activision CoD MW two glitch bo weird bug was playing Search and Destroy with an invisible Gamertag and a Teammate thought that im an Enemy and tries to Kill. Mortal Kombat: Legacy brings to life the complex and rich history of the gaming world of MORTAL KOMBAT. Shao Kahn and Shang Tsung are obsessed with reigning over various realms (parallel universes) and the winners of Mortal Kombat competitions are granted supreme control over these worlds. The Earthrealm (Earth) is an unconscious participant in this competition and only a few select humans understand the consequences of losing Mortal Kombat and what it will mean to Earth. In a universe with powerful evil sorcerers, cyborgs, Gods and movie stars, this Mortal Kombat digital media series drives a cohesive understanding of what this Universe is all about. " Jax, Sonya and has never lived to tell about it! Produced by Kevin Tancharoen, Lance Sloane, Tim Carter CAST Major Jackson white" martial arts director "kevin tancharoen" music "hollywood actor" hollywood "fan made" reboot spartacus spoiler actors teaser new debut showreel digital "web series" yt:quality=high street fighter yt:quality=high machinima Sanity not included season 2 machinima dexterboy124 guitarmasterx7 dex lyle nina queen of England Santa holiday special christmas xmas call of duty black ops modern warfare halo reach hot blonde Cleveland final fantasy gears of war spazkid omkitsune halo call of duty black ops fable 3 FAQ special Shepard's Delight Episode 7 ep Sanity Not Included Q&A Special dexterboy124 guitarmasterx7 dex lyle Meg Nina Machinima yt:quality=high Shouldn't Treyarch release a game called, Call Of Duty Zombies? Imagine, Nacht Der Untoten, Verruckt, Shi No Numa, Der Riese, Kino, Five, DOA, Asension, COTD, Shangri L, the last map pack, and an additional 5, 10 or even 15 maps? If you think that would be AWESOME, copy and paste this to every zombies video and thumbs up, if you all support this, it could become an actual game! Its 64 Years Today! (August 6th 1945 - August 6th 2009) Hiroshima, Since the U.S. were arseing about dropping atom bombs and stuff, so we had a go at making a very small and friendly one. Yay! This was shot with a Canon G7!!!! ...
1 Nov 2011
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Hola! Soy Danny" Bienvenidos a mi canal de Vídeos Vlogs Hablados . My Channel // Mi Canal → Suscribete Para Ver Nuevos Vídeos Antes Que Nadie :D No soy ningún experto creando vídeos graciosos para YouTube, pero me la paso muy bien e intento hacer vídeos que sean divertidos para gente de la misma química y locura que yo xD. Intento crear un canal muy mixto, tratando de traerles contenidos como vídeos vlogs, tips, retos, experimentos, y algunos que otros gameplays tanto de aplicaciones para móviles, minijuegos online, juegos indie, multijugador o básicamente cualquier app que se encuentre en la PlayStore. . Pero mas aya de eso recuerda que si tienes alguna recomendación no dudes en compartirla conmigo en los comentarios (^∇^) Tampoco no olvides darle al botón de suscribirse, ya que te alertara cuando suba un nuevo vídeo " PD: No es una casualidad que tu estés leyendo esto! .... A mi me gusta llamarlo solo: Destino ... :3 Quédate Por Aquí ❤ Se Que No Te Arrepentirás...
***********/watch?v=RH2Tc_7BwQ4 Click here to watch Halo 4 Forge Walkthrough, 10 New Weapons Promised, Crawler Animations: Anoj Explains Episode 10 Halo 4 Custom Xbox 360, Forward Unto Dawn First Look, Promethean Sniper: Anoj Explains Episode 11 Full Length Halo 4 Forge Walkthrough: ***********/watch?v=XpBwPoVJ-iw Submit at *******www.Top10Series**** Halo Reach Accepting Submissions: Episode 51: Exterminations Episode 52: Lucky Kills Episode 53: Sticks Modern Warfare 3 Accepting Submissions: Episode 39: Sniper Kills Episode 41: Unusual Kills Episode 42: Accidental Kills Battlefield 3 Accepting Submissions: Episode 8: Epic Fails Episode 9: WTF Moments All submissions from Xbox 360, PS3, and PC are accepted. Check out more Anoj Explains Halo 4 Episodes! ***********/playlist?list=PL937DAEB4D45716DF Check out Top 10 Series Halo Reach Episodes! ***********/view_play_list?p=8F22BFF4D73531E4 Check out Top 10 Series MW3 Episodes! ***********/playlist?list=PLCE03E3D0BC4E09D5 Check out Top 10 Series Black Ops Episodes! ***********/view_play_list?p=6D121108492939E9 Check out all Anoj's Top 10 Series Episodes! ***********/view_play_list?p=04FF83C7989CA950 Top10Series Official Website *******www.Top10Series**** Top10Series's Channel: *******www.YouTube****/Top10Series - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - This Video will show you: How to find out about Halo 4 news How to submit to top10series How to customize character in Halo 4 How to quote 343 Industries How to look forward to Halo 4 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - FOR MACHINIMA'S BEST HIGH QUALITY SERIES, GO TO: ***********/subscription_center?add_user=machinimaprime FOR MORE MACHINIMA, GO TO: ***********/subscription_center?add_user=machinima FOR MORE GAMEPLAY, GO TO: ***********/subscription_center?add_user=machinimarespawn FOR MORE SPORTS GAMEPLAY, GO TO: ***********/subscription_center?add_user=machinimasports FOR MORE MMO & RPG GAMEPLAY, GO TO: ***********/subscription_center?add_user=machinimarealm FOR MORE COMPETITIVE GAMING, GO TO: ***********/subscription_center?add_user=machinimavs FOR MORE ANIMATIONS & SHORTS, GO TO: ***********/subscription_center?add_user=happyhour FOR MORE TRAILERS, GO TO: ***********/subscription_center?add_user=machinimatrailer Tags: yt:quality=high Halo Reach Bungie Microsoft Game Studios Xbox 360 Xbox360 Live FPS First 1st first-person Person Shooter Spartan Covenant Elite Arbiter Pistol Magnum Assualt Rifle Grenade Launcher Rocket DMR Orbital anoj machinima "how to" explains "episode 11" "ep 11" "halo 4" news7 3437 "anoj explains" "halo 4 news" "halo 4 beta" "character customization" 343 "spartan ops" "Custom Xbox 360" Forward Unto Dawn "First Look" Promethean Sniper
29 Jul 2012
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Great WTF Moments from Logscape.
12 Feb 2013
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"Play Hard" is the new dance track featuring David Guetta, Neyo and Akon and the video shows scenes with Mexicans at a rodeo wearing pointy boots for dance competitions, tattooed gang members and beauty pageant girls enjoying frozen ice pops. Now many are voicing their frustrations with the video. A writer with The Houston Press says that there are so many WTF moments in the video, he had to play it five times in order to count them all! French music Producer David Guetta says that he meant no harm and his only intentions were to poke fun at the stereotypes of Mexico and Mexicans.
1 May 2013
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[ORIGINALS] A look back at some of the OMG, LOL, and WTF moments from Nixon and Reagan to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.
12 Oct 2016
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19 Apr 2019
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