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Bible Codes and Torah Codes are believed by many to be messages concealed by God until the time of the end (end of days). There is a very important prophecy in the Bible. Daniel 12:4 But you, Daniel, roll up and seal the words of the scroll until the time of the end. Many will go here and there to increase knowledge." Is today the "time of the end" the Daniel 12:4 prophecy speaks of, where people with computers "will go here and there to increase knowledge"... This video examines a code with the main search term, "Sign of the Bride Blameless".
16 May 2017
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New Video Song sponsored by the Celestial Green Political 3rd Party - Protecting Planet Earth and the Cosmos. Exposing demonic elements that move in secrecy between the raindrops in human society. Song “The Apocalyspe Is Gonna Roll.” Jakob's Diary Log Entry: 7yTrE67-Year2017: Humans are currently traveling on the celestial Quantum Mechanic Timeline to Nuke self destruction. Although humans are moving closer and closer to complete destruction of the planet and the human species there is still time to change the timeline as earth travels side by side within a parallel universe. Me, a CIA Project Monarch Victim Jakob Lemy Zook has traveled through the reincarnation road to reach this point in human history. Instructed to suffeer along with thousands of other children abducted from around the world and put in the child Monarch cages stacked high. From the experiments by the Nazi angel of death Josef Mengele who is still alive he tore my mind open creating a paranormal psychic hole. The Nazi were much involved in the Paranormal. I escaped freed by a soldier who later was executed by rogue elements at the Aberdeen military base in Maryland. Taken in by an amish family. I was summoned by the Intelligent Star along with the two Angels, Amitiel the burnt angel of truth and the Unknown to find the last and final secret Dead Sea scroll given to the Susquehannock Indians by Jesus when he went to America. The scroll was passed down through the generations and givin to one of the last Susquehannock's a woman known as Hazy Moon Dancer (one who dances under the moon without music ) before she was killed in the Indian genocide by the Paxton Boys in Lancaster. The stone scroll was then givin to an Amish family who then hid the stone scripture in a cave along the river in Hex County. The Amish know of this secret history. I have spoken with the ghost at the river in Hellam who knows of the story. The scroll contains the Coordinance a star map.....
13 Jul 2017
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29 Jan 2019
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A View of how WW3 Might look like
30 May 2007
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Most American's don't really know how very 'BLACK' (Illegal & often thoroughly satanic) what's known as a 'BLACK-OP' soon becomes if they never have to ever finally tell the truth about-it... If you refuse to tell the truth about this it will soon-enough cause the deaths of many American's & large parts of the rest of the world as the half-hearted fools running it all keep raising the stakes to hide the treason & murder they've already committed already... There is an answer & a simple way to return to sanity & moral & spiritual normalcy & that is to get the Congress of the USA to create a 100% CONGRESSIONAL AMNESTY for anyone (At-any level of government or industry from cleaner to head weaner) giving full unlimited total-amnesty for anyone who simply tells the whole of the truth about being blackmailed politically... The very-same thing that was done to "VANSTONE" who took the place of Osama since the mid-80's (Pedophile Snuff-Movie blackmail...) has also been done to 'MANY' of those who are now serving both in Congress & in the Whitehouse & in government & media & it's been going-on since at-least the seventies... Please stop-them before they pull a 'WW3' using your US-Military after another homegrown terrorist strike blamed on Muslim's like 911 was... I-first overheard that plan being discussed among blackmailed CIA as-far back as the late 60's... If you wont show courage America then the whole world is lost because of your cowardice...
18 Mar 2009
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24 Mar 2010
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You have been banned from MySpace Forums! this is todays message for me- banned from myspace forums- deleted several times from myspace- energy forums- so many- why- i am too bold for you- I solved the energy crisis by myself with a ONE MILLION VOLT experiment and noone believes me- my friends dont- passer bys dont- scientists dont- noone- all just ridicule and ignore- no wonder there is war- no wonder there is the Holocaust no wonder your WW3 comes- I have been misled this entire time- i was aware of it for several months- since I was given a message by god in 1998- i was under impression an age of unity begins- that ww2 was Armageddon in order for man to move on- and so i endeavored in my life long quest to find something the heavens have guided me to bring forth for man to make their lives better- and now my time has come- but for the first time i needed the interaction of others- and now i find the disgust why others loves their pets more than man- why man kills one another- I am the christ- you will not understand at this stage for your belly is full- your arrogance is high- your insight is limited- I must wait for YOUR PREPARATION in order for mankind to move to next stage of global unity- you are too ignorant and barbaric at this stage and you know it- war shall fix this- this time all families will beg for food- will pray for safety of children- if you say it is god that does this- you are wrong- for god has brought you solution but it is YOU that ignored it- AND THIS IS THE MESSAGE the children of the future that survive shall learn even the enlightened masters of times prior are WEAK- they just watch the bullies attack- they do nothing in order to protect their own lives- I am always filled with the HOPE that we can do it NOW without any more war- but even the Christ cannot do it alone- it takes YOU my days of screaming are coming to an end- it is your turn to scream as you lose your jobs- lose your health care - watch more children go to war over energy my little speech in public will come after ww3 what a shame 2012 solomon azar noblefuse
1 Dec 2008
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4 May 2009
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lord of the apes solves global energy crisis- will it be uncovered before global war for energy-ww3- inquiring minds of the universe want to know
11 Sep 2009
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are you a dreamer? bailout zeitgeist appendage peter joseph ww3 2012 the revolution is today consciousness shift the venus
28 Oct 2009
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