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It's a rumorful day here at the Destructoid Show! We've got details on Xbox 720, the death of Microsoft Points, Zynga's latest magnum opus of s#%t, and sadly, there will be no Blizzcon in 2012. But hey, come see us next week in PERSON in San Francisco and play Vita with us!
26 Jan 2012
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*******www.ConsoleClub****** - Come check out the lastest Xbox Secrets, Find the Best Xbox Live Arcade Games or discuss the New Xbox 720.
30 May 2012
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Today, we've got details on Microsoft's Xbox 720 and tablet plans, a trailer for the upcoming PayDay: The Heist/Left 4 Dead crossover, and news of a Draw Something TV show?!
20 Jun 2012
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Happy pre-Thanksgiving, everyone! Today we've got a Holiday Buying Guide to prepare your body for Black Friday, a review of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, and some more rumors about Microsoft's next console. Forget Xbox 720, it's all about the XBOX now!
23 Nov 2012
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In this edition of Ask the Buffalo, Jon talks about everything from the Xbox 720 to what features the Galaxy S IV might have to even how Jon started making videos on YouTube. *******gamehackerz****/
22 Feb 2013
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2012 is right around the corner, and there is no doubt that it's gonna be a huge year for games. Watch the video and discover our most anticipated games of 2012, and the predictions we think might rock our world.
29 Dec 2011
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It's the 6th anniversary of Destructoid****, and to celebrate, we have confetti and champagne. Also: Dead Or Alive 5 is bouncy, Steel Battalion Heavy Armor requires a helmet, Baldur's Gate is getting remade. Plus SKYRIM WATCH RETURNS!
17 Mar 2012
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Noah K tackles the biggest tech rumors of this week! In this episode: Why is Apple CEO Tim Cook at a big media powwow? Why is Amazon hiring Windows Phone executives? And what's up with the latest Xbox patent?
14 Jul 2012
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The big news today is a leaked screen of what might be the Kinect 2's POV. On top of that Bioshock Infinite's multiplayer has been shelved, Dishonored shows off some gross rat magic, and Dead Or Alive 5's sexy swimwear does its little thing on that catwalk.
12 Aug 2012
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The biggest video game stories of the day brought to you in three minutes or less.
14 Aug 2012
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With all the rumors about new consoles coming from Sony and Microsoft, do we need them right now? Let's talk!
6 Feb 2013
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Today Jon discusses Microsoft's next generation console and its ability to compete with the PlayStation 4, TechnoBuffalo's plan to build two gaming PCs from scratch, Apple increasing the iPhone and iPod Touch storage amounts and the effects that Google Glass will have on our society. *******gamehackerz****/dungeon-rampage-hack-free-coins-and-gems-cheat
26 Feb 2013
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