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All Copyright By Xian Leng *******www.xianleng****.my *******www.xianleng**** *******www.dragonfish****.my *******www.arowana-fish****
1 May 2007
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All Copyright By Xian Leng Holdings Berhad *******www.xianleng****.my *******www.xianleng**** *******www.dragonfish****.my *******www.arowana-fish****
6 May 2007
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All Copyright By Xian Leng Holdings Berhad *******www.xianleng****.my *******www.xianleng**** *******www.dragonfish****.my *******www.arowana-fish****
5 May 2007
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All Copyright By Xian Leng Holdings Berhad *******www.xianleng****.my *******www.xianleng****
1 Jun 2007
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Sara dances at the City Wall in Xian, China.
5 Nov 2008
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Here are two men dressed as ancient soldiers who defended Xian's city wall, the ancient capital of China.
5 Nov 2008
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Jason translates and reads a sign written in Chinese about Xian's city wall
6 Nov 2008
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The moat and drawbridge at the south gate of the Xian city wall.
6 Nov 2008
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Listen in stereo: D'Amour - Xianning (piano version written by Xianning performed in a Richard Clayderman romantic piano style) Enjoy the timelapse relaxing scenery :) Feel free to comment rate and subscribe!
2 Jan 2009
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Telling a story on the piano, a pianist story 李香兰 ikanaide performed by Xianning feel free to listen in stereo: free to comment rate and subscribe :)
1 Nov 2010
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Listen in stereo: - Xianning It was 2 o clock in the morning...and I was quite tired but I thought....i'll just film this for fun anyways XD Graphics from Dynasty Warriors 5,6 xbox360 Feel free to comment rate and subscribe!
11 Jun 2009
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Listen in stereo: Gear Solid 3 way to fall piano arranged/performed by Xianning Please subscribe if you like my piano vids, thanks!!! :)
19 Mar 2009
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Final Fantasy VIII - eyes on me (acoustic piano version) performed by me (Xianning)I used my webcam to record eyes on meacoustic yamaha piano to performthe reason is, my electric piano didn't have a high enough emotional range that I wanted to express this eyes on me solo with so I apologize in advance for the ambience. (to hear less ambience simply turn the volume down just a bit, or simply imagine this to be a 1930s vinyl piano recording
11 Apr 2010
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This is one of my latest original composition piano solos in an attempt to write some Persian music I bring you Persian Spirit (an original) written by me (xianning) using the standard persian march beat that I made using guitar rig and vstis you hear in Prince of Persia I thought that my music fitted the Prince of Persia series, so I used clips from the game :D reference: Prince of Persia 3 trailer clips Feel free to comment rate and subscribe :) for the latest updates on my vids and feel free to check out my other original works under my videos section
24 Sep 2009
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Listen in Stereo: is my cover of Maksim Mrvica's Kolibre composed by Tonci Huljic, this piece took me 1 week of training not only with fingers but muscle endurance :D i reposted this cause i posted this vid earlier and noticed that youtube was being gay and desynched my video :( this one has a 0.5 second lag...but oh well... let me know what you think of it!! enjoy the workout music!! high quality up for download on my isound: www.isound****/xianning An instructional video I made to help new people learn to play the piano! [[User:Xianning|Xianning]] ([[User talk:Xianning|talk]])EDIT[[User:Xianning|Xianning]] ([[User talk:Xianning|talk]]) If you want to see the other videos I have made (there are 20 lessons, and it is still on going) click on "more video's from this user on the side bar. Or if you'd like to be updated with all my new videos feel free to subscribe ^_^ Thanks! Please go check out my website at isound. and Join the music community!
4 May 2009
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