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Yao Ming - Liftoff
9 May 2007
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Yao Ming Rockets Liftoff (Mixed before 2005) Yao will be back to Houston tomorrow for his 07/08 NBA season,I hope he'll win the Champion!
2 Oct 2007
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Yao or Yaos? David Blaine examines Yao Ming's shot-blocking ability. The NBA Playoffs - They're Unbelievable! Visit for the latest postseason highlights.
19 Aug 2008
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*******www.scmp****/video After four months of recuperation from a bone fracture, basketball sensation Yao Ming (姚明) says he will be fit to lead China's squad at the Olympics.
24 Sep 2008
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Considered to be one of the most popular Chinese athletes, the Houston Rockets forward, Yao Ming, talks about this once in a lifetime chance to play the Olympics on his home soil. Yao recognizes the value of the opponents at the Olympic tournament and the difficult challenge that lies ahead of him. In celebration of the 2008 Summer Games, Reebok and Yao have launched a new signature limited-edition basketball shoe, the Pump Omni Hexride. Yao describes the design and inspiration behind the shoe, including personal touches like his own signature logo on the heel. www.reebokyao****
2 Apr 2009
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Funny: Yao Ming is on the plane
10 Sep 2008
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Yao ming gets fouled & throws one over the shoulder for the And 1
30 Oct 2008
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This video is told through the perspective of a young boy whose village was destroyed after the China earthquake. The animals of Yao Jin village show the resilience of the people from the village, even after the village was destroyed by the earthquake. You can take part and help adopt a family today. *******www.chinaquakeproject****
1 Nov 2008
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Josh Howards retaliates on Yao Ming for not getting a foul call, by tripping Yao while he was running down the court. I think this is one of the dirtiest plays you can do to someone in basketball, by hurting thier ankles. Just plain DIRTY! Josh was probably like "hell yeah! nobody saw that," but he forgot the millions of people watching on HDTV. Josh you're probably gonna see this, you're too good to be doin this shit. You're losing real fans that you have left. Thats REAL a laker fan so please don't do this shit to the Lakers specially Bynum who just had a dislocated knee surgery...PEACE!
2 Nov 2008
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another one brawl nba suns shaq rockets nash yao t-mac atest
28 Jan 2009
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The terrible earthquake of May 12th struck China and completely destroyed all the homes in Yao Jin village. The women and men have worked hard to rebuild their homes from the ground up. Where there was rubble and piles of debris just a few months ago now stands the beginning of brick and mortar houses ready to soon become homes for the village’s 55 families who lost everything. OBI has adopted this village to help the villagers rebuild their homes. With winter coming, there is an urgent need to quickly and efficiently finish construction so that every family can move from their temporary shelters, into the warmth and protection of a sturdy, new brick home. You can be a part of this groundbreaking Adopt-A-Village project and help bring hope to these families in need. *******www.ob****
21 Nov 2008
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T-Mobile's newest myFaves commercial with Yao Ming, Charles Barkley, and Dwyane Wade
20 Feb 2009
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