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Yellowstone River segment from "Dances With National Parks", an Intrepid Berkeley Explorer free video of over a dozen American National Parks and Monuments. To enjoy all of this film, and over 30 more free, non-commercial, streaming travel videos from every continent, and still pictures, please click on the IntrepBerkExplorer link below, and then on the direct link to my geocities Video Page that follows; or ask a search engine for: Intrepid Berkeley Explorer
27 Feb 2007
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Bison filmed walking down the road and right by our car. Yellowstone National Park, August 2007.
28 Aug 2007
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Video of a coyote, 2 moose, and several elk we saw in Wyoming. This video was taken in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. ----------We did not approach these animals---------- Check out my other Yellowstone videos!
28 Nov 2007
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This was our first motorcycle trip to Yellowstone and the wildlife was cooperating fully. While traveling on bikes it takes time to stop, pull your gallon-sized camera gear out of a pint-sized trunk. This fellow was in no hurry to get anywhere thank goodness The sun was shining, the water was cool and crisp and he was definitly taking it easy. .My husband who shoots static shots got a bad case of "buck fever" How can anyone fill up a 2GB SD card with one animal? Well he did. But he came up with some great shots.. .
22 Feb 2008
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A familiar sight to be sure even if you've never been to Yellowstone. There are many impressive geysers in the park, but this one is the easiest to access by most individuals and the most consistent. Makes it easier to plan. We skirted all the paved access roads on our motorcycles and got to see White Dome Geyser blow its top and spent a great deal of our afternoon at Fire Lake. Did you know that the boardwalk surrounding the geysers around Old Faithful is made from recycled laundry soap bottles? Way to go Yellowstone.
23 Oct 2008
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Jackson Hole & Yellowstone are popular destinations for snowmobiling, providing stunning views of the Teton Mountain Range and wildlife. Tour with Togwotee Snowmobile Adventures, *******www.togwoteesnowmobile****/. Jeff Golightly is our host.
9 Apr 2008
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'Checkout the preview for our Yellowstone National Park DVD. Who doesn’t like the outdoors? No one. And, since you’re watching this video, we know that you’ll enjoy the benefits of receiving our free National Park Outdoor eNewsletter. Simply go to Adventure-Crew**** and fill in the A-C eNews box. You’ll be glad you did. Only Adventure-Crew eNews Subscribers get the added benefit of being the first ones to be notified of every new video that is released, FOR FREE.
12 Jun 2008
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AAHH Montana Real Estate offers a great piece of land for sale in Paradise Valley, Montana: 1 Drop Tine Lane, Livingston, MT 59047. Located in the heart of Paradise Valley, Montana, this 3.495 acre piece of land is for sale for $59,990. Just 20 minutes from Livingston, Montana and 30 minutes from Yellowstone National Park. Check out *******www.aahhmt****for more details. This parcel is for sale at a reduced rate to help raise funds for Lacey Hart, to race in the 2009 Junior Iditarod. This is the cheapest piece of land, of this size, for sale in Paradise Valley. Real Estate prices have remained strong and purchasing this lot and just re-selling it will likely make you money. Contact AAHH Montana Real Estate for more information
15 Nov 2008
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inv001vid999 (please read complete description) i'm T.J. i sometimes make prediction videos. my next prediction is an earthquake of 4 or larger in the yellowstone national park area in USA. i predict it will be on or before 1-15-09. visit: *******www.PrepareForDisasters**** to learn how to get prepared for all types of disasters and to help others prepare also! also, please visit: ******* We pay people for ideas, inventions and videos!
19 Jan 2009
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Grand Teton & Yellowstone National Park vacations include Snake River rafting, sea kayaking on Yellowstone and Jackson Lakes and mind-blowing hiking and camping in Grand Teton National Park.
12 Mar 2009
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Grand Canyon of Yellowstone Lower Fall - fxtravel****
22 Mar 2009
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Goosewing Ranch, *******goosewingranch****/winter.cfm, runs day and multi-day guided tours into Yellowstone from our main office in Jackson. If snow machines are not for you, we offer a daily snowcoach ride to Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park. These activities offer a unique way to see the area during winter.
2 Nov 2010
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******* 4 Days Yellowstone National Park Tour Package (land) Depart from: Salt Lake City Operating: May 23rd 2009-Sep 5th 2009: Sat/ Duration: 4 days Highlights: •3-star hotel located in Downtown Salt Lake City •2 nights in Yellowstone National Park •Ground Transportation •3-night Hotel Accommodations • Salt Lake City, Utah • Grand Teton National Park • Yellowstone National Park •Complimentary drop-off to Salt Lake City Airport
9 Jun 2009
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