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Yi Jianlian-the boy,he'll be a man!
8 Sep 2007
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Yi Jianlian Nike Commercial - Chinese Basketball Phenom
16 Sep 2007
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Seminario de Tai Chi Xin Yi y Chi Kung D Y para la mente y el cuerpo, los dias 19, 20 y 21 de octubre de 2007. Con la maestra Shao Hui Fang.
25 Sep 2007
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A short example of a Xingyi Form.. The exact origins of Xingyiquan are unknown. The creation of the Art is traditionally attributed to the famous general and patriot Yue Fei (1103- 1141) of the Song Dynasty. There is, however, no historical data to support this claim. The style was originally called "Xin Yi Liu He Quan" (Heart Mind Six Harmonies Boxing). The Six Harmonies refer to the Three Internal Harmonies (the heart or desire coordinates with the intent; the intent coordinates with the qi or vital energy; the qi coordinates with the strength), and the Three External Harmonies (the shoulders coordinate with the hips; the elbows coordinate with the knees and the hands coordinate with the feet). The earliest reliable information we have makes reference to Ji Longfeng (also known as Ji Jige) of Shanxi Province as being the first to teach the art of Xin Yi Liu He Quan. Ji Longfeng was active near the end of the Ming Dynasty (early 1600's) and was a master of spear fighting (he had the reputation of possessing "divine" skill with the spear). He is recorded as stating "I have protected myself in violent times with my spear. Now that we are in a time of "peace" and our weapons have all been destroyed, if I am unarmed and meet the unexpected, how shall I defend myself?" In answer to his own question, Ji Longfeng reportedly created a style of weaponless combat based on his expertise with the spear. He refered to his art as "Liu He," the Six Harmonies. Ji Longfeng had two very famous students. One was from from Hebei province and was named Cao Jiwu. The other was from Henan Province and was named Ma Xueli. It was at this point in history that the Xin Yi Liu He Quan (now also refered to as Xingyiquan) divided into three related yet separate styles, the Shanxi, Henan and Hebei schools. After spending 12 years studying Xingyiquan with Ji Longfeng, Cao Jiwu entered the Imperial Martial Examinations and placed first (this was the most prestigious honor one could possibly win as a martial artist in old China, and assured the victor a high government position). Cao passsed on his art to two brothers, Dai Longbang and Dai Linbang. Dai Longbang passed his Art on to Li Luoneng (also known as Li Nengran). Li holds the distinction of being the greatest Xingyi Boxer in the styles' history and one of the top Chinese boxers of all time. Li Luoneng taught his art in his native Shanxi Province and also taught a great number of students in Hebei Province (his duties as a bodyguard involved escorting various members of wealthy families to and from Hebei). Two of Li's most famous Shanxi students were Song Shirong and Zhe Yizhai. His most famous Hebei student was the formidable Guo Yunshen (who reportedly defeated all comers with his "Beng Quan," a straight punch to the body). Guo Yunshen passed on his art to Wang Fuyuan, Liu Qilan and Sun Ludang among others; Liu Qilan passed on the Art to the most famous practitioners of this century, including Li Cunyi and Zhang Zhangui (also known as Zhang Zhaodong). There are many practitioners of all three sub-systems active today, and Xingyiquan is still a popular and well respected style of martial art in China.
25 Sep 2008
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Yi Lin has what could be categorized as "classic" free advice. Got any free advice? Share it with us! Details at *******
11 Jun 2008
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Yi Lin has what could be categorized as "classic" free advice. Got any free advice? Share it with us! Details at *******
11 Jun 2008
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gulzar allam, ow anjam khan, shraang yi da bangroo warai Pashto Song
4 Mar 2009
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*******wuyitearesults**** Yes, wu-yi tea does in fact work. Discover how effective and powerful it is for weight loss as I share from my personal experience and perspective.
18 Apr 2009
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GUMUSHANE YI TOZ BULUTU SARDI Distributed by Tubemogul.
21 May 2009
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Thuh yi zamaa meena, Baad Amaala( Pashto Filami)
2 Jul 2009
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Paper Heart * Charlyne Yi * Nicholas Jasenovec - Click for more *******www.RealTVfilms****
28 Aug 2009
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Yi Jing iPhone App Review - *******dailyappshow****
20 Sep 2009
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