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Animation of yin and yang in 3D made in Blender. Note the precise fit of the "ball" in the hole. Amazing!
14 Jul 2007
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Its treatment technique in Qi - Going Therapy what are yin and yang ? how we have to make them balence ? what are the strategies to be used to balence these two meridians ? What is the effect if these two meridians are balenced ? Everything is explained in this video So follow this video carefully
5 Oct 2008
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Important key elements in cooking Chinese food - fon and choy. Get the right balance of Yin and Yang.
30 Oct 2008
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Based on Chapter 5 from The Beginners Guide to Natural Living by Larry Cook, host Zoe Simpson explains the Macrobiotic principles of Yin energy and Yang energy in relation to food, and why it’s important to eat foods in balance with both types of energy. Distributed by Tubemogul.
4 Aug 2008
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You must have both to keep it in balance.
17 Nov 2008
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The Packers and Vikings appear to be each other's inverse: Great rushing and poor passing for the Vikings, and the opposite for Green Bay. But results of their Week 13 matchup suggest otherwise.
29 Dec 2012
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The Yin and Yang symbol from Taoism actually has a meaning that is like a secret that has been lost in time. Well, this video reveals this lost secret!
22 Feb 2007
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1 Nov 2008
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Wushu Champion Xu Xiang Dong performing one of the best Eagle claw sets I've ever seen! Eagle Claw(Ying Zaho Quan) is a Northern Shaolin style that emphasizes the use of Chin-na (locking) techniques. The hand in the shape of the claw is used to apply pressure to an opponent's joints, veins, and pressure points, thus controlling and immobilizing him. Eagle Claw is ideal for both men and women of any size because great body strength is not required to be effective in a defensive situation. Using various hand strengthening exercises the claw is developed to have a vice-like grip and a burning sensation as if hot coals were being pressed into the opponent. Eagle Claw strength is based on finger power, finger joint power, and wrist power. Without all three the claw is ineffective. A well developed claw can control an opponent without injury, causing damage only when unavoidable. In this way Eagle Claw is a highly moral system that provides very effective self-defense without unnecessary injury to an opponent. At the core of all Eagle Claw techniques are the principles of yin and yang. Punches and palm strikes are executed relaxed, but firm, until the end when the hand and the arm are hardened. This gives the technique a snapping action that adds power without a great need for strength. Movements are fast then slow, yielding then advancing, depending on the need of the situation and the technique to be employed. The student learns to at once be strong as a mountain, and then as yielding as a blade of grass in the wind. The Eagle Claw system includes: 25 fist forms over 25 weapon forms over 25 partner forms and the 108 locking techniques. Forms must be practiced diligently until the movements and techniques are perfected. It's in the forms that the student unlocks the secrets of Eagle Claw. Every step and hand technique in the forms have a self-defense application. Practicing the forms also develops discipline and focus in the student, advantages that become invaluable in everyday life. Three of the forms are considered Master forms and contain the most intricate techniques of the Eagle Claw system. These forms are: Lin Kuen (Connected Fist) Jui Lao Tong (Eagle Claw Drunken Set) Fuk Fu Kuen (Control the Tiger) The Northern Eagle Claw system is ideal for both men and women of various age groups, body types, and athletic ability. Because the system relies upon subtle re-direction of an attacker's own aggressive energy, it can be used effectively regardless of the practitioner's size or strength. The cornerstone of Northern Eagle Claw kung fu is the set of "108 fighting techniques" adapted by General Ngok Fei from a Shaolin monk named Jow Tong. These techniques make effective use of the hand fashioned as a grasping eagle's claw (Ying Jow) to deliver devastating locks and traps (often referred to broadly as "chin na" or grappling techniques). During the time of the Ming Dynasty, a monk named Lai Chin incorporated General Ngok Fei's fighting techniques with elements of the Faan Tzi system. Faan Tzi techniques are based upon swift, open and often acrobatic movements designed to out-maneuver and dominate an opponent. The combination of Ying Jow (eagle claw) with Faan Tzi techniques yielded the system known today as Northern Eagle Claw kung fu (Ying Jow Faan Tzi Pai).
16 Apr 2008
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Host Zoë Simpson shares how to adopt healthy eating principles. Topics include: organic foods, minimizing processed foods, balancing acid and alkaline, balancing yin and yang, minimizing meat, minimizing dairy and maximizing vegetarian foods. Distributed by Tubemogul.
27 Sep 2008
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Watch Episode 9 here: *******foureyedmonsters****/9 Are emotions fact? I feel there for it is? Well in some ways yes. It is a fact you feel the way you do. But also other people may feel differently or may not have intended for you to feel that way. So leaning on emotions as your navigational guide could be inaccurate. You could feel a certain way that is really all in your head and not real. So maybe people should just keep their feelings to themselves until they pass because they aren't based on reality anyway. But then how are they supposed to cope with the fact they feel so terrible and proactively prevent the triggers from occurring more. A confrontation must occur. At this point it does become real. Something must be said. And now that has been said. And now we really are fighting and now some paranoid mental kink has become 100 percent real. And thus the manifestation of inner demons into the outer real world. As shitty as it is, all the positive things that occur also take a similar path from metaphysical into reality, so it's all just the yin and yang of existence. Music by: Apes and Androids *******www.myspace****/apesandandroids Magdyn Osh *******www.myspace****/magdynosh Assistant Editor for this Episode: Zachery Milan Artists that drew illustrations for this episode: Susan Buice , Jesse Proia , and Joseph Hung . Models that posed for the illustrations: Dorian Nuskind-Oder , Joe Griffin , Joel Kennedy , Joseph Hung , Matthew Green , Andrew Peterson , and special thanks for help with the photography for the illustrations to Matthew Green , Andrew Peterson , Alexandra Bialkin , Megan White , Jay White , Matthew Emmit and Crissie Twombly. Appearances in this episode by: Susan Buice , Arin Crumley , Marc Scrivo , Dorian Nuskind-Odor , Cassie O'Sullivan , Joe Griffin , Brad Calcaterra , Monica West , Michael Cuomo , Andrew A Peterson , Joseph Hung , Margret Echeverria and Joel Kennedy standing in for "Susan's crush" out at Park City.
30 Apr 2009
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Refinery can infuse your gear with the power of Yin and Yang!
26 Jan 2010
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