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Join Harshy and his team of neutered monkeys as they peel the superficial skin of the the most heinous of beast's, the media! A tongue in cheek look at the weeks news, current affairs and general crap that fills our lives on a daily basis.
In this video you will see an egg with two yolks.
7 Jun 2007
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I show you how to lift a egg yolk
10 Oct 2007
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its an egg yolk in a sink. i bursts it
11 Oct 2007
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Double Yolk Egg Pictures
12 Apr 2008
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I love eggs...probably and all time favorite food...but go figure, I hate egg yolks. Taste gross. Two of them down the hatch the way my Nephew eats them. ugh!!!!
9 Jul 2009
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Masks with Egg Yolk are used fo Normal to Dray, Dray or Aging Skin. For more recipes visit: www.youthful-you-wisdom****/homemade-facial-mask.html
7 May 2010
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15 Mar 2011
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This is not a trick.
21 Jul 2007
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The Broken Yolk Cafe Best Breaksfasts san Diego located in the Gas Lamp District now offers late night dining
17 Jul 2009
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2 Jun 2012
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Where 2 download the game chiken invaders ROTY (revenge of the yolk) for FREE.
10 Mar 2008
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Interview with Lisa Lillien, the Creator of Hungry-girl**** September is All-American Breakfast Month, and while 75 percent of Americans say they prefer a hot breakfast to a cold one, the majority of Americans will settle for cold, wet cereal. That's why Lisa Lillien, host of the popular Hungry-Girl**** Web site, has teamed up with Egg BeatersĀ® with Yolk to ensure hungry girls and men, alike, surprise themselves with a delicious, healthful and quick breakfast. The traditional All-American breakfast consists of eggs, bacon and toast, but a survey commissioned by Egg Beaters with Yolk earlier this year surprisingly revealed that while eggs are a top choice for a hot breakfast, many people avoid them. The high fat, calories and cholesterol associated with shell eggs lead many to seek other breakfast alternatives. Egg Beaters with Yolk has good news for egg lovers everywhere. Consumers can now enjoy their top breakfast choice with all of the flavor and nutritional benefits of shell eggs, but without the negatives. Egg Beaters with Yolk, made from real eggs, contains just 1.5 grams of fat, 40 calories and 50 mg of cholesterol, which is 70 percent less fat, 75 percent less cholesterol and 45 percent less calories than shell eggs. Available in four flavor varieties, including Original, Southwestern, Cheese and Chive, and Garden Vegetable, Egg Beaters with Yolk gives everyone an unexpected option at the breakfast table. To view Multimedia News Release, go to *******www.prnewswire****/mnr/eggbeaters/33608/
27 Sep 2008
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After our BYOB Brunch at Yolk, we hopped in a cab to the Museum of Science and Industry. Fun! Fun!
2 Feb 2009
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