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JFK Assassin Story part 1. Assassin Story part 2. so Vain is the opening beat for this glamorized monster. The clone buster that strips the human disguise off the host a powerful oscilating concusion of air that rattles human bones when aimed at a klone there clothes and disguise fabric falls off to reveal a ugly monster that well make most grown men scream run and cry for momma. JFK clone facility was not going to give up he had been assassinated over a hundred times and replace. If you are old as I am you might recall news stories almost every week reports of JFK of being assassinated then 3 days later recant of the story. JFK installing the first satellites in space where designed to interlink with one another and repress memories by beeming wavelengths back to earth. Similar tale Day of the Jackal more than one clone expose at the same time. Assassin story part 4. Has a ghost in the machine, working on video difficulty
4 May 2008
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This song is inspired by Barack Obama and Joe Biden. If you are old enough please vote. Info here: *******www.rockthevote****/electioncenter/ You can hear more of my music at: *******www.myspace****/garystockton
30 Sep 2008
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*******themagicofmakinup**** How To Be Nice To your Girlfriend and make her happier... Obviously it will depend on what the situation is with your relationship. If you are asking how to be nice to your girlfriend you are obviously worried that you are missing something. Why not try sitting down with your partner and asking her how she is feeling. Ask her if she is happy or is there something wrong? Some women like gestures whereas others, like my girlfriend simply wanted my attention but to talk not to do other stuff! I found out that women like to chat even if there is nothing important to say. They actually enjoy talking to us and listening to our views so long as we also listen to them. But they hate when we try to fix every problem. Just because they tell us they are having an issue at work or with a friend, doesn't mean that they want us to solve it for them. They may just want reassurance they are handling the situation properly by themselves. They may simply be using you as a sounding board. If you want to still be together when you are old and grey, you need to learn how to communicate properly. Then you won't be wondering how to be nice to your girlfriend.
11 Dec 2009
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*******backup360gameseasy****/ I never thought I would have to backup my game discs, but then one got damaged... It is a good idea to backup all your game discs, for xbox, ps3,ps2, wii, xbox 360, whatever game system you have. The game discs could actually be of value when you are old and have like new game discs in their cases because you always played with your backup copy
4 Jan 2011
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Jaswinder from East Ham (get alot from here, thats the second in a day) came to this country 8 years ago and his baby is will be 7 in December. He asks if something can happen. Harjap asks if the baby was born here in the UK and he says yes. Harjap says the 7 year rule has now finished, when your baby is 10, he will become British and on that basis you will become permanent so wait for 3 more years. Jaswinder says he heard a new thing that if you live here for 5 years, you can apply. Harjap says no you can't, it is false statements which the government has thought about but no rule yet. After 5 years, come the work permit people who have come here on legally. If they put you in that category, what will be the point of it, as illegals (fojees) will start coming then. This won't happen. There are some lawyers on TV and radio that see advertisements who say they will make you permanent, if you are born and even people if they are not even born yet. They will even make your mum and dad permanent. This is all for money making, you are old enough to know the rest. If you got alot of money coming in, give it to the gurdwara and you will get good deeds. It is not worth giving it to solicitors like this if you know the answer.
7 Jul 2012
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When you are old and remember the good old days of your youth, and decide to relive those moments through a dance-off.
31 Dec 2018
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