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A summary of the business book 'You Inc' by author John McGrath
7 Dec 2007
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If you stick ADVOCATES, who get FREE STUFF, and CONSUMERS, who want CHEAP STUFF in a bag and shake them up what do you get? INFORMED CONSUMER that gets CHEAP STUFF (incl. group health care in 6 months). *******www.youinc2008****
4 Aug 2008
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When you are ready to commit to what is needed contact: playballusa180**** to get involved A "Magic Combination of info" has been prepared ESPECIALLY FOR the 80-90% of asleep people that will run for two days straight on a global scale some time within the next 10 days. We need your involvement. For more information search for the video: A Global Campaign to SHOW the people they have been misled Our Goal: Protecting the free flow of information -Getting to the 90% of people NOT on the Internet -FANTASY is 90% of people's reality. --FANTASY includes CNN. THE PLAN: Give people FREE forums so that they can collaborate with people and take actions around. Give those forums FREE ADVERTISING Give media outlets (broadcasters of content with audiences) - FREE/PAID ADVERTISING Give people discounts through a vendor community -highest discounts go to the people running the forums. Put it all in a DAILY VIDEO BLOG. BECOME the source for INFO.
30 Aug 2008
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*******rampage-marketing**** Attraction marketing... Affiliate marketing... List Building... Cashflow Program... Residual Income... For Brand New Marketers And Veterans Alike.....
1 Mar 2009
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*******www.mlmnetleadsystem**** Your brand isn't about what you sell- your brand is YOU, your knowledge and expertise. When someone asks a question about your product, you want to be the "go to" person. Once you develop this reputation, then people will seek you out and respect your recommendations.
9 Apr 2009
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*******www.mlmnetleadsystem**** Discover how top income earners in the internet marketing industry "brand" themselves to be different!
9 Apr 2009
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*******globalresortsforchange**** To call Robert: 1 (772) 237-6880 The Master Builder A.K.A. (Robert Mergupis) gives different examples of branding an explains what is personal branding and why you should use it in your marketing for success!
28 Jun 2009
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For more info visit www.newsinfusion**** No matter where the day takes you, you’ve probably given some thought to the image you’re projecting, the outfit and accessories you’re wearing and what they tell the world about you. And in these challenging and hectic times you’re probably wearing more hats than ever: you’re a mom and an employee, you’re starting a small side business and you’re volunteering for your favorite charity. But how can you create an overarching image and refine your look, your style, your brand to reflect everything you do, if you can’t spend a ton of money or hire a stylist? From dressing the part to using personalized business and calling cards as accessories to show what they’re up to, everyday people are taking personal branding to new levels. In a time when networking is critical to success – in life as much as it is in your career – presenting yourself in the best possible light can instill confidence and make a lasting first impression. These days, there are resources out there to help.
24 Sep 2009
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Your Steps to Success For Day #1: 1) To get your own (YOU****) Domain and WORDPRESS Hosting Click This Link, Now: ******* 2) To Setup Your Blog, Go to My Friend Angelito Felix's Blog By Clicking This Link, Now: *******angelitofelix****/online-marketing/how-to-set-up-your-wordpress-blog/ Ready to JOIN MY TEAM and Use an AUTOPILOT system that trains you and your organization, integrating EVERY step you will ever need to achieve the 10K/month mark? If your answer is Yes, Click Here, Now: *******21st-Century-Network**** Questions? e-mail: Steve21st-century-network**** Steve Irving Official Blog: *******steve-irving**** 21st century marketing, marketing in 21st century, marketing in the 21st century, branding yourself, brand yourself, Go Daddy, Wordpress, Angelito Felix, Steve Irving
26 Jan 2010
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*******www.internetrichsecret**** how to attract prospects videos how to attract prospects videos and free how to attract prospects video clip, video sharing, hosting. www.livevideo****/media/tag/how-to-attract-prospects.aspx - 101k - Cached - Similar pages How to Attract More Customers - With a Simple Secret doesn't attract prospects, it repels them. Just like the bore at the party. In order to attract prospects and hold their attention, ... www.candlebusinesscorner****/articles/marketing/attractcustomers.htm - 27k - Cached - Similar pages YouTube - Prepaid Legal: It's Time To Attract Prospects ... *******www.WealthNetworth****You can reach me on any of my ... 10 min -****/watch?v=nq9vtf13uUA Attract Prospects - Give Them Reasons to Lease Attract residents to apartments and senior housing, or members to membership organizations (athletic clubs, fitness clubs or social clubs), through on-site ... www.beyondwineandcheese****/attract-prospects - 10k - Cached - Similar pages How to Attract Prospects Using the New Model "Attraction Marketing ... How to Attract Prospects Using the New Model "Attraction Marketing" in Internet Network Marketing. ezinearticles****/?How-to-Attract-Prospects-Using-the-New-Model-Attraction-Marketing-in-Internet-Network-... - 49k - Cached - Similar pages Stop Chasing After Prospects - Attract Prospects to You, be a ... *******www.stopchasingafterprospects****If you're one of the few network marketers left who's still creating name lists of your friends, relatives, neig ... - 45k - Cached - Similar pages An MLM Strategy Guaranteed To Attract Prospects To Your Business How do you attract prospects and what do you offer them as a value resource. Think about this for a minute because I'm about to reveal an MLM strategy which ... www.selfgrowth****/articles/An%20MLM%20Strategy%20Guaranteed%20To%20Attract%20Prospects%20To%20Your%20Bus... - 37k - Cached - Similar pages Prepaid Legal: It's Time To Attract Prospects To YOU! on Technorati Prepaid Legal: It's Time To Attract Prospects To YOU! *******youtube****/watch? v=nq9vtf13uUA. *******www.WealthNetworth**** You can reach me on any of my ... technorati****/videos/youtube****%2Fwatch%3Fv%3Dnq9vtf13uUA - 25k - Cached - Similar pages How To Attract Prospects Cash Gifting How To Attract Prospects. By Kevin July 6, 2008. Many individuals who involve themselves with an online program such as cash gifting, tend to have a ... nuauto****/blog/how-to-attract-prospects/ - 12k - Cached - Similar pages Attract Prospects With Social Marketing Secrets reviled learn what attracting marketing is all about and use it effectively to build any internet business or MLM opportunity by generating quality ... hubpages****/hub/attract-prospects-with-social-marketing - 19k - Cached - Similar pages Tasha Palmer Dwayne Golden Danny Arrington Lance Frisbee David Dubbs
14 Aug 2008
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The campaign to reach the 80-90% of the people. To be a part of this campaign you need to email us at: playballusa180**** and be ready to devote 2 hours of your time on a specific day. This in NO WAY will involve illegal activities or put you at risk. We just need to count on your involvement for at least 2 hours during the two days this campaign runs. ONLY use the playballusa180**** email a this is SPECIFICALLY for this GLOBAL campaign taking place in less than 10 days. Dr Mark Taylor, of USA180, has what he feels that is the magic combination that will get peoples attention to the point as to rectifying that issue, and letting them know they are being misled. If we can do that we have accomplished a feat that could slow or stop this madness. There is 80 to 90 percent of the population, not just the USA, but everywhere that are being misled by the media. THIS "Magic Combination has been prepared ESPECIALLY FOR THEM. The media is giving them a false perception as you all know. Nobody, and we mean nobody, is doing a lot to get their attention. At best we are engaging more folks that already know which is good. Now lets use it. If we allow some event to take place without letting the 80 to 90 percent know they are being misled we are screwed. They will believe anything they are told, and we of course will be made to look like idiots. Worst case scenario; Martial law will be declared because the panicked people will not know what to do and will be made to attack the 10% of the truth seekers. They will spin it and make it appear absolutely necessary to the unknowing majority. Further let's say they have plans to pick up those that can be a physical threat or intellectual threat as many of us that tell the truth. They will spin it and the 80 to 90 percent will see our incarceration completely justifiable. We have to reach them now, like yesterday. 1. You need to know what we are doing and you must be ready to act when told immediately. No delay no nothing, just move. Timing will be CRITICAL. 2. You must email us at playballUSA180**** we STRESS playballUSA180**** sending messages to YouTube or other emails will not cut it. We can't possibly keep up and this email is DEDICATED specifically to this campaign. Again playballusa180****. Once you do this you will be able to receive further instructions as well as alternatives for contact etc in the event everything or anything is shut down. This is being well orchestrated so let's please make it work. 3. You need to know it will happen in 5-10 days probably less than 10. We only say that just in case. You must be on alert within 5 days so we have 5 days to get a tons of folks involved globally. If you do not help, then you must not want a solution. Sounds harsh sorry. We are running out of time and if something goes down before the majority that has no clue knows we are screwed. 4. You must trust us on this. You will be informed of what they need to know as you need to know it. Everyone no matter the time of day we kick it off will be able to help. If you follow the instructions like email playballusa180**** from that point forward you will be in the loop and will not miss out. 5. You also need to know that its perfectly legal and in no way will it place them or family in jeopardy. Folks this is so important. We hope you take it as such. This has to work. We feel strongly if this does not get attention we WILL NOT EVER get their attention. We all know what that means. Dr. Taylor does not panic, and goes on fact. So please trust us on this being critically important. For this plan use playballusa180**** For others the have private emails to people you must let us know your on board no matter what position you hold by emailing us at playballusa180****. Do not assume we will keep anyone informed that has not contacted playballusa180****
31 Aug 2008
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*******chughes15.magneticsponsoringonline**** People often overlook the fact that money can be made anywhere/anytime and it is all about Marketing Yourself instead of your company or service. Learn how to succeed by Marketing Yourself in your business and stop spending money promoting things that don't work!
25 Jun 2009
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