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YouthBytes is a program that approaches real issues in life by dealing with them openly and in a way that isn't condescending or judgmental. We address topics that many churches consider to be taboo, because we believe that the key to reaching hearts is not by overlooking the problems, but to confront and explain them in a non-religious fashion. We want to motivate people to seek after a personal relationship with Jesus Christ instead of being satisfied with the rituals of Christianity. Sit back and let Chad’s twisted and unorthodox approach provoke you to see a Jesus who loves you and a Jesus who is confrontational on all issues in life.
1 minute sample from "Tongue Tied"-The Tongue In this powerful episode, Chad examines the power of words and their influence on a person's life and destiny. Words may seem small and sometimes insignificant but the Scriptures equate them to the rudder of a ship that dictates the entire direction in which a huge vessel goes. Chad shows how our most difficult task in life is to control the tongue. Chad challenges young people to allow God's Word to control and dictate their lives.
31 Mar 2009
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