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Brief description of the investigation and subsequent correspondence with the videographer of the video. We also did an analysis of the film showing that the area was actually quite populated and the "creature" sped off not in the direction the videographer stated it did. But the correspondence speaks for itself.
23 Jul 2010
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VIEWER'S STORY "it had been squatted down and a dead carcass, it was only about 5 foot tall, but build like a body builder, it had short thick muscular legs at lead a foot thick each it's arms were long..."
13 Aug 2018
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Individuals claiming to have seen Bigfoot describe it as a large, hairy, muscular, bipedal ape-like creature, roughly 6 ft –9 ft tall, covered in hair described as black, dark brown, or dark reddish. Some descriptions include details such as large eyes, a pronounced brow ridge, and a large, low-set forehead. The top of the head has been described as rounded and crested, similar to the sagittal crest of the male gorilla, with a strong, unpleasant smell. The enormous footprints for which the creature is named are claimed to be as large as 24 inches long and 8 inches wide. Proponents of Bigfoot's existence claim that the creature is omnivorous and mainly nocturnal.
14 Aug 2018
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REAL BIGFOOT almost as good as patterson gimlin film
14 Feb 2009
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Out of the dawn of Man they came; the huge, hairy, monstrous ape-men of the aboriginal myth and legend. They haunted the more remote, mountainous forest recesses of the Australian continent, as well as the inhospitable open country of the vast interior… They are ‘megastralian’ monster-men of both myth and reality who come from a time, lost so far back in the mists of the past that their origins can at present only be guessed at. Yet they lived - for they have left evidence of their former presence, in the folklore of our aborigines, as well as in their massive stone implements scattered across the country, and in the often monstrous foot prints they left to fossilize into rock as they journeyed across the landscape of this timeless land... Excerpts from ‘Giants From the Dreamtime – The Yowie in Myth and Reality’ – Rex Gilroy. To learn more or order the book: *******bookstore.xlibris****/Products/SKU-0502551049/Big-Foot-Adventures-Down-Under.aspx
6 Mar 2013
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