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We love Zadi. Epic Fu is a great web show, and her and Steve Woolf are starting to break out in to the mainstream. Awesome web show! Distributed by Tubemogul.
8 Aug 2009
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MIX - *******mix.jetsetshow****, what makes life meaningful forum post by andy, we feel fine, changing someone's appearance in a photo, hilary duff goes through a photoshop makeover (anelia****), twin gives brother a third arm, discuss it on MIX, flickrblockrs, police sketch flash game, teachers in tennessee stage a fake gunman attack (huh?), game, game, game and again game - flash game, backyard fx makes a muppet on $25, zadi remembers puppets, awesome MIX music video by mass professor (his profile with a cool myspace embedded widget), tons more self-portraits as movie characters by steve
20 Jul 2007
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MIX! - *******mix.jetsetshow****, iphone snuff film (another), (another), free iphone games: diamenty, sudoku, checkrz, shredder chess, i-tiles, more iphone apps, last week's MIX battle - qwerty warriors 2 (champion: ryan painter!), new MIX battle: bloxorz!, project cloverfield / 1-18-08 trailer, 1-18-08****, ethan haas was right, ethan haas was wrong, MIX discussions about cloverfield, ancient ufo artwork, google maps mashup of ufo sightings, strange google maps discoveries, zadi's harry potter and the order of the phoenix review, veracifier, scholastic's harry potter site, the harry potter knight bus tour, knight bus tour forums, music by harry and the potters!, date unknown, date unknown on myspace, MIX dating discussions, MIX group: don't try this at home!, the latest dance at your desk contest entries, big ups to basement records
20 Jul 2007
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*******mix.jetsetshow**** - MIX - the jetset community!, paris hilton on david letterman, britney spears wasted, chris crocker again, oozinator, international cleanup weekend, radiohead's in rainbows album, rick rolled, urban dictionary's definition of rick rolled, imified, joost out of beta, dnastream, atari 2600 mashup, flash game challenge on MIX: space invaders!, art less pollution - artist who cleans filthy public walls to creat..., ooma, jetset app for mac! jetset app for windows! (thanks, brandon!), bbs productions, shout out to basement records (we'll miss you!), human space invaders, zadi's hot spring break pics!
10 Oct 2007
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this week zadi is freaking out a bit. along with saul william's new album (niggy tardust co-produced by trent reznor), we have scared newscasters, a zombie wedding, pistolcam, the ipod/iphone hack jailbreakme, and an awesome game called attack of the sprouts. we spotlight the mae shi, and the best part is all the stuff our viewers contributed to the show! rAWk. for everything epic-fu and all the show links, go to *******epicfu****.
7 Nov 2007
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this week the fu of the week brings us free music from great artists. zadi covers moby's free music site for indie filmmakers, plus sufjan stevens and his xmas xchange project, crowdsourcing with mosio, and super-specific niche sites like grooveshark, farecast, and empivot. we've also got a spotlight on an incredible video by john schlemmer and a jam from rye rye representing baltimore. for everything epic-fu and all the show links, go to *******epicfu****.
21 Nov 2007
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Coming to you live from the Hollywood Sign & quick recap from the winnies (pics of iJustine, Brookers, Zadi Diaz, Felicia)
10 Dec 2007
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with only days before x-mas, this week we have emergency gift guides from annie, rick, and zadi that cover everything from chia pets to diy music videos. google continues to roll out the awesome and scary tools, and the FU of the week is handed out by an organization that gives when you receive. that sounds naughty! ;) have a great holiday! for everything epic-fu and all the show links, go to *******epicfu****.
23 Dec 2007
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this week hollywood is a f*cking mess topped off by the strange death of heath ledger, anonymous is taking on scientology, you can fly in space for US $200K, there may be a google car, and someone made a speed painting of zadi! the fu of the week is served by a guy defending his enemy and aesop rock rawks, plus tons of contributions by our viewers, wow! for everything epic-fu and all the show links, go to *******epicfu****.
31 Jan 2008
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Check out *******thepathtopublication.wordpress****/ *******www.scriptfrenzy****/eng/user/246963 Check back soon for my script frenzy videos/blogs add me as a buddy on scriptfrenzy to follow my progress look for updates in my blog on the techniques I'll be using to write my screen play. Thanks to my beautiful guest stars michellescience ***********/michelleisscience Anna from *******youtube****/user/Terrieanna and Zadi from *******epicfu****/ ScriptFrenzy starts April first. You only need to write 100 pages. you can do it. Sign up, get it done.
9 Feb 2009
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This week Zadi rocks out for Rock Band 2, passes through Google's virtual world, and checks out an amazing video by Radiohead. Then Sarah Atwood gets buzzed and tells us about her thing for superheroes, plus geek graffiti and the Artist of the Week gives us eerie photos from foreign lands. For all the show links and everything EPIC FU, go to *******epicfu****!
8 Aug 2009
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If you can't make it to San Diego, Zadi shows us web alternatives to Comic-Con, and she does it with style, dammit! We have a heads-up on the Watchmen movie, portraits of costumed fans, and New Orleans sticker cars (wtf?). Plus, our Artist of the Week gives away his comics online for free! For all the show links and everything EPIC FU, go to *******epicfu****!
26 Jul 2008
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