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The ad starring Ze Mourinho.
16 Apr 2006
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End Of Ze World Funny, lol, rofl
30 Oct 2007
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Ciekawy trick ze sprężonym powietrzem
14 Oct 2008
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*******pop17**** says there is no guarantee of success if you are an internet celebrity transitioning to Hollywood. We may have seen wild successes, but the uncertainty of abandoning the web in hopes of being big in Hollywood can end in a no win situation. Today DECA, a digital entertainment company, announced that it's investing in the YouTube sensation Smosh to make original content for the web. The deal will make them an exclusive business partner in marketing and distribution. Anthony Padilla said, “We are extremely excited about joining the DECA family. We love making videos and the feedback from our fans has been amazing. With DECA’s help we look forward to bringing Smosh to even bigger audiences.” How DECA plans to find bigger audiences for the most-subscribed YouTubers ever will be interesting to see. DECA was founded in 2007 by experienced entertainment and Internet executives who previously held senior roles at Sony Pictures, ABC, and Yahoo! Music. DECA uniquely identifies, funds, markets and distributes web shows. Based in Santa Monica, California, the company is backed by Mayfield, General Catalyst, and Atomico. In other development news, popular YouTube comedian and celebrity commentator Michael Buckley recently signed a deal with HBO Labs to create online video shows. Joshua Cohen of TilzyTV says Michael is “just mean enough, just funny enough, and with the right dose of you-go-girl” to make it big. In addition, a web pilot called The Remnants which stars web celeb Ze Frank (with other stars like Justine Bateman and Ernie Hudson) is currently being considered by NBC. It has been described as “a quirky and comedic story of a group of friends who search for answers and survival, upon realizing they are some of society’s last living inhabitants in post-something Los Angeles.” As we fall deeper into an economic recession, the studios will likely consolidate their spending and turn to the web as a cheaper way to produce and reach audiences who use content to engage end-users. *******techcrunch**** *******perkettpr**** *******virgin-america****
24 Feb 2010
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*Have some common sense, I didn't make this* The Very famous End Of Ze World video. Many have seen this. Many have cried when they couldnt find it. But i have your drink, i have your bread, i have your....The End Of Ze World video. End of Ze world...End of ze world...End of ze world...End of ze world Enjoy this video and add it to your myspace so everyone can enjoy the pleasure of those missiles and the Kangaroos.
10 Jun 2009
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Pakistan Rahim-Yar-Khan City Pashto Song ze tapa se khabar ea
3 Mar 2009
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Test drive auto elettrica Renault Fluence ZE Test Drive
11 Oct 2010
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Pashto Song Da Te Se Ze (HD)
3 Dec 2011
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Asian Wave 声动亚洲群英会20120920:ZE:A 《Never End》
20 Nov 2012
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how to find my metacafe channel at google earth
6 Jan 2008
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karaoke online
19 Mar 2009
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A comic video
20 May 2009
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