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This past saturday some of my friends were in town - it was nice to see them. ***********/user/nalts ***********/user/zipster08 ***********/user/princessd... ***********/user/fantastic... ***********/user/themighty... ***********/user/july7nyc i pulled a Spricket24 b/c at dinner we were all talking about youtube of course and all the drama that goes on. I love Spricket24 :) ***********/watch?v=KQTthV... xoxox Jill ***********/user/xgobobeanx *******www.xgobobeanx****
1 May 2008
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i wish i had recorded footage of everyone there, but check out theaterofmemories video- it is soo good! ***********/watch?v=x4cPtq... i loved everyone i met!! ***********/user/zipster08 ***********/user/theaterof... ***********/user/nutcheese ***********/user/PrincessD... ***********/user/PastaBaby ***********/user/GeneticBlend ***********/user/Nicolslaw ***********/user/skibby May 16, 2007 at the China Club, NYC, featuring Another Pretty Face (band) xoxox Jill ***********/user/xgobobeanx *******www.xgobobeanx****
2 May 2008
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his is what happens when you give kelly aka NutCheese, a video collaboration to do that is 30 secs long - she takes 100000 takes and then sends you an ENORMOUS file to edit - thanks kelley for all the laughs!! xoxox ***********/watch?v=xCbMzDo_QmI ***********/user/Zipster08 ***********/user/Nalts ***********/user/NutCheese xoxox Jill ***********/user/xgobobeanx *******www.xgobobeanx****
4 May 2008
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(see episode 1 first). Nalts is desperately searching for his clone so he can babysit. He runs into friends (Zipster08 and Sign543) who happen to have a new friend of their own... who looks somewhat familiar. Theme by Jawharp1992 www.kevinnalts**** Distributed by Tubemogul.
22 Nov 2008
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What happens when you advertise a 7 a.m. garage sale for a friend, and they don't know about it? Find out how Zipster08 reacts. To see the aftermath, check: ***********/watch?v=RRkhByfbcv0 Produced by: *******www.kevinnalts**** Distributed by Tubemogul.
16 Nov 2010
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What do you want to see on YouTube? That is the question. Subject matter of any kind. I have cameos of Peyton Manning, Faith Hill, Phantom Planet, scenes of California, New York City, animation and so much more! WHAT DO YOU WANT TO SEE ON YouTube? Let me know and you may get featured in future shows. Everyone in this place makes the world go around. Thanks YouTube!
26 Sep 2007
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6 questions for my subscribers, friends, and anyone out there online.. I know there is a movie by the name of 'The Real Life of Dan' so it seemed appropriate to do a vlog (or shall I say THE VLOG) and we can get to know each other better... If you aren't a videographer, you can answer the questions and e-mail me at niswanderniswander****. Thank you for sharing! Let's have some fun! 1. What is your favorite new band or music artist? 2. What are some of your favorite past times? 3. Where did you last travel to on vacation (or holiday)? 4. What do you consider your best talents to be? 5. What video content do you want to see online? 6. What is the best advice you've ever received from someone? www.niswanderrocktheater**** Everyone in this place makes the world go around! Dan
24 Oct 2007
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Come meet Nacho-Mama, she's the Foster Mother of Loco-Mama's children at an undisclosed location. This is just a day in her life. No Music. Children Provided By OneiBlind30 Brief Appearance by Aember25
9 Feb 2008
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Promotional video for last years Southtube gathering. Lyrics by Musosf ***********/user/musosf ***********/southtubegathering Sept 22/23 2007 Atlanta, GA xoxox Jill ***********/user/xgobobeanx *******www.xgobobeanx****
4 May 2008
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Nalts is stretched thin, and is in dire need of a babysitter to test during date night. If the new sitter works, WifeofNalts will go to California with him. But Nalts has forgotten about his task (despite many reminders) and resorts to a desperate measure.. reviving his Clone born in 6 months earlier. (to see prequel to series) ***********/watch?v=_9hphfDfkto *******www.kevinnalts**** Distributed by Tubemogul.
20 Nov 2008
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7 Jul 2009
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Check out The Prequel: Von Digital has hacked into YouTube and has stolen the virtual essence of HappySlip, WhatTheBuckShow, Nalts, and Zipster08. It is my mission to release them from her computer board, and save YouTube from her evil wrath. About the video: Took me over 100 hours of work on this one. I now know why movies have so many visual effects people. Even for a 3 minute video, this is way too much for one person lol. I hope my hard work paid off, and you enjoy it ☺ -I own the rights to all of the footage and sound effects in this video.
16 Nov 2008
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