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6 Sep 2007
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HotRod meet ZZ Top
15 Jun 2008
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The Holy Trinity - Cool V-Star Riding with ZZ Top's La Grange
27 Nov 2009
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7 Mar 2012
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7 Mar 2012
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I'm Linden Hudson. I recorded these original "Eliminator" practice tapes with ZZ Top's guitarist in 1983 in a house. There is a long story that goes with this. It wasn't all happy. I co-wrote much of the incredibly famous "Eliminator" album. However, there was no credit given to me. After a lawsuit there was a little help, but not much.
7 Jul 2017
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ZZ Top tush bass cover American musical group formed in Houston (Texas) in 1970, and integrated by Frank Beard (drums), Billy Gibbons (voice and guitar) and Dusty Hill (bass, voice and keyboards). ZZ Top tush bass cover It is perhaps the longest-lived trio in the history of rock'n'roll, and its members have earned a deserved place of honor in this story as a "space-age blues band." Like the state of Texas, where they come from, the ZZ Top combines rural primitivism and urban image in a way that has led to a perfect synthesis between provincial rock'n'roll and high technology. When, in the late 1980s, ZZ Top tush bass cover Forbes magazine published the list of celebrities in the world of entertainment with the highest profits worldwide, only one rock group, U2, ranked above ZZ Top among those who had amassed greater fortunes. However, they have managed to stay curiously away from the rock'n'roll high society circus, and remain immune to the "rock messiah" ZZ Top tush bass cover syndrome that usually haunts other artists of their stature. In almost thirty years they have traveled the whole planet with their tours, although they have never been away for a long time from their base in the south of North America, and the description someone made of them when they started, "that little old band from Texas", even today they fit like a glove. ZZ Top tush bass cover Billy Gibbons, who was a graphic arts student, began to play the guitar in The Moving Sidewalks, a psychedelic "garage" band from the 1960s whose debut single, "99th Floor", ranked highest in the world. Texan lists for five weeks in 1967. Dusty Hill and Frank Beard, meanwhile, graduated from The American Blues, ZZ Top tush
18 Feb 2019
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Superb ZZ Top la grange bass cover His manager and producer from the first day has been Bill Ham, a non-conformist Texan with a management style very similar to Led Zeppelin's first manager, Peter Grant. Ham categorically separated ZZ Top from television throughout ZZ Top la grange bass cover the 1970s, preferring the band's live performances to other procedures that guaranteed easier success. Although such principles had to be hard by force, the truth is that the foundations of the band were already unbreakable towards 1976, when the Taking Texas to the People tour took place, an ambitious production ZZ Top la grange bass cover that had them a lot of time on the road along with all their equipment of life outdoors and a nourished fauna (an ox, a buffalo of 2,000 pounds of weight, half dozen of vultures, two rattlesnakes of six feet each, a pig and a wolf). ZZ Top la grange bass cover His aversion to TV softened in the eighties, when they became peculiar stars of MTV thanks to a trilogy of videos directed by Tim Newman for the tracks "Gimme All Your Lovin", "Sharp Dressed Man" and " Legs ", all of them included in his successful 1983 album, Eliminator. ZZ Top la grange bass cover Presenting themselves from the eighties as the "rock musicians", ZZ Top is the only group that has seriously faced the commitment to age in a market, the rock'n'roll, which always trades with the currency of youth . To such capacity of permanence has contributed, without ZZ Top la grange bass cover a doubt, the image that Gibbons and Hill conceived for the group when their members barely reached the thirty years of age, an image in which the most outstanding note are long beards that were not fash
18 Feb 2019
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ZZ Top
23 Sep 2019
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Modern Relic live at The Handlebar in Greenville SC performing an all 80s Show
27 Jan 2010
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Guitar Hero Warriors Rock i am crazy about yami yugi's Coat and black shorts O_o?
1 Feb 2011
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6 Apr 2012
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