Sears Nettoyage De Conduits D'Air - Cleaning Air Ducts

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It is Sears' air ducts cleaning specialists along with the cutting edge equipment and meticulous duct clean...
It is Sears' air ducts cleaning specialists along with the cutting edge equipment and meticulous duct cleaning process that sets Sears Indoor Clean Air Services apart from the rest. Each house being different, Sears Indoor Clean Air specialists' inspector will examine each situation in order to determine the appropriate solution for your home during the professional inspection of the air in your home. Then, during Sears air ducts cleaning process, your furniture, floors and carpets will be protected from the dust and debris that might escape pipes. Here is the list of things that will be performed during the cleaning process. Clean and seal off each hot air register Clean and seal off each cold air register Clean air filter 150-200 pounds PSIG of compressed air used to air blast all hot and cold air ducts Clean plenums Sanitize your ducts All grills that are removable are washed with soap and water Wipe down inside all hot and cold air vents Outside of furnace wiped down Cycle furnace to ensure lighting and fan operation Advise customer on equipment condition In addition to our overall air duct cleaning, we offer other valuable indoor clean air services such as: Air Conditioning Inspection Package Deluxe Air Conditioning & Inspection Package Evaporator Coil Cleaning Package Furnace Inspection Package Deluxe Furnace Cleaning & Inspection Package Deluxe Oil Furnace Cleaning & Inspection Package Sanitize your Ducts & a Deodorizing Package Gas Fireplace Cleaning & Inspection Package HRV Cleaning & Balancing Package Water Heater Cleaning & Inspection Package Ventilation system duct cleaning is only one of many professional services offered by Sears. We invite you to visit www**** to learn more about Sears renovation, decoration, heating and air conditioning, home maintenance services.