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*******tinyurl****/i-online-p Instant Online Profits Review-Instant Online Profits Reviewd by Real User ...
*******tinyurl****/i-online-p Instant Online Profits Review-Instant Online Profits Reviewd by Real User I was in the launch webinar for Alex Shelton’s latest product, Instant Online Profits, and after spending a bit of time in the Member’s Area and having a go with the full system, I thought I’d post a review of the product and my experiences for anyone else looking to give it a go. Once I’d registered and bought my membership, I was emailed my access codes to get into the Member’s Area. My first impression was that the layout was pretty cool, nice graphics, and really easy to find my way around to all of the stuff included in the membership. Instant Online Profits- Instant Online Profits Review So I started going through the video training and following the course. There are 6 modules to go through, each one with HD video training from Alex himself. As a self taught advanced beginner, I have to say that they were brilliant. The first module covered the whole system and the techniques that were going to be covered throughout the course, starting from introducing all the different aspects, and then going into each one in detail. Instant Online Profits review-Software Review The first bit of software that I started to use was Profit X. I was using it to analyze all of the products on Amazon to decide which ones would be best to become an affiliate for, then finding domain names to help with SEO and allowing me to make decisions on all of these important website research parts. What usually takes me hours and hours to do, I was managing to do in minutes. Really great bit of kit and highly recommend that alone to anyone! Once I had all of the information needed to build a site, Alex then went through Profit Influx, the site building software. I was able to cross reference the information from Profit X, taking all the good stuff I’d found out earlier, and easily transfer it into Profit Influx. It then automatically built me a really awesome looking site with all of the products I wanted on there, complete with ratings, videos, prices, affiliate links, the complete package! Instant Online Profits-Instant Online Profits Review It’d taken me 30 minutes to build this full site and I was massively confident that traffic I sent there was going to be interested in the products I had to offer, especially as they were Amazon products. So that was cool, everything was in place but from my experience I needed to generate traffic or all the hard work would have been for nothing. Alex then went through how to build backlinks to some real high quality sites using different techniques and something called his ‘Classified Volumes’ which will have new volumes published twice a month with more backlinks sites that I’m looking forward to! He also went through other traffic generating methods which I’ve now done, and I also got my hands on the add ons that are available.