Sport Aerobics

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Sport Aerobics community web site share your ideas thoughts picx and vids catch up with friends you met at ...
Sport Aerobics community web site share your ideas thoughts picx and vids catch up with friends you met at comp and show off your skill to the world check us out... Aerobics is the combination of many kind of movements. Many movementsIn Sport Aerobics are done during one period of time, for example, waving hands while twisting the body in one leap. The body is supposed to move all the time in pounding music. In this manner, physical capacity is improved. To coordinate legs and arms to do sophisticated movement, Sport Aerobics performers need to have a good coordination. Otherwise, the movement is very amusing. Some movements, such as split, requires a good flexibility. The Sport Aerobics performance area is 7m x 7m. Performers fit into divisions: Junior Divisions, made up of Primary and Secondary teams; Novice Divisions including Individual Men and Women; Intermediate Divisions comprising Individual Men and Women, Mixed Pairs and Trios; and Elite Divisions including Individual Men and Women, Mixed Pairs and Trios. A three-person team may be made of any combination of men and women in a trio. Step teams and general divisions also exist. In the Sport Aerobics competition, women are required to wear a one-piece leotard and pantyhose(or leave it bear) while men must wear a unitard or body shorts and form fitting (lycra) shirts. Sometimes, men wear pantyhose to prevent cold or for artistic purpose. Those clothes are often intricately designed with bright color. This makes the Sport Aerobics performer very charming and smart. In daily workout for common people, you don't need to wear tight clothes. You can wear any kind of clothes if they won't blockade your motion, but loose fitting clothes blockade your motion. Scoring of the Sport Aerobics performances is according to: artistic quality, creativity, execution, and difficulty. Artistic quality is the composition of the routine. Creativity is the variety of movements, lifts in pairs, trios and groups. Execution is the perfection of each movement. Difficulty is the number of required gymnastic elements demonstrating strength, flexibility, power and local muscular endurance.