The Turret Anthem

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ronaldthecockmake sure to give it a thumbs up here on steam if you liked it *******tinyurl****/b68g7vs I k...
ronaldthecockmake sure to give it a thumbs up here on steam if you liked it *******tinyurl****/b68g7vs I know it's a longshot but ever since I've started doing machinima again I've been looking for a solid partner who can do 2d illustrations for logo/avatar/skin work, if anybody is interested , fairly active, and thinks they have some talent, please send me a PM with a sample of yer work. You can get the song from lars' Soundcloud page here *******tinyurl****/algaoz8 you can throw some love towards it on the SFM community page here *******tinyurl****/al45c2l and throw some love towards JP Neufeld, whose audio mix with glados really added that extra layer that brings this from being just "fun" to subtly haunting ***********/user/rigaudio/videos This video was shot on black void, using a rebuild version of glados' chamber that I put together by hand. Fun story about this video, I've been trying to make it for about 6 months, it's a super late Turret Week video. I kept overthinking it, and had much of the principal synchronization done but couldnt' figure out how I wanted to shoot it, well I sat down this weekend and knocked it out in two days, and I'm pretty sure nobody will have any problem with the results. The name of this video is The Turret Anthem, but throughout production I always referred to it by it's secret codename, Megadub, and so it sticks. if you want a look at some of the musical parts isolated out, I have an old sync demo here that you can see,. ***********/watch?v=f3Wmtd4b15k and ***********/watch?v=KnG2dwCe03Y. JP Neufeld is a beast who did some great additional audio work on this, you can check out his youtube thing here ***********/user/rigaudio/videos Rantis made the personality turret which allows for the flexible legs and eyelids, you can check out his page here ***********/user/aug440 DefectiveJoey made the king turret and all of the non-standard turret paint jobs visible in the film, check out his page here. ***********/user/DefectiveJoey and JimboMCB made the baby turrets, the little ones with the big eyes, you can check out his youtube here ***********/user/Jimbomcb