⌊TEASER⌋ Crossfire 2 EP - Mini Mix

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BASS UNION PREMIERE Pre-Order iTunes - *******smarturl.it/CrossfireEP2  Technique - *******bit.ly/Crosssfi...
BASS UNION PREMIERE Pre-Order iTunes - *******smarturl.it/CrossfireEP2  Technique - *******bit.ly/Crosssfire2PreO -- Technique Recordings - Out 14th April Crossfire 2 EP Feating 2DB, L Plus, Hashtag & MaxNRG   Mix Tracklist: L Plus - End of Story L Plus -- Time Travel VIP 2DB -- Spud Gun MaxNRG -- Grimey Beats 2DB -- Oxygen Hashtag -- Don't You Want Me -- The first salvo of "Crossfire" hit at the beginning of last year. It was an EP that gave warning that Technique Recordings' elite unit of producers were the ones to watch for 2012. And the ubiquity of their tunes all over Radio 1, 1Xtra and Kiss, and in raves worldwide, soon proved that it wasn't a warning to be taken lightly. Now it's time to give 2013 the same treatment. If you were anywhere within hearing distance of a bass-conscious DJ in 2012, you'll have heard a Technique Recordings release. But, even if you're late to the party, this second "Crossfire" showcase is here to demonstrate why these flavours should be on everyone's setlist. -- www.techniquerecordings****** www.facebook****/techniquerecordings -- www.twitter****/techniquerec www.twitter****/2 DB www.twitter****/LPlus1 www.twitter****/hashtagdnb www.twitter****/MaxNrgMusic -- For interview requests, and further information, contact: infotechniquerecordings******