Modafinil Synergy and Interactions Damian Alexander, MD Discusses Modafinil Synergy and Interactions

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***********/watch?v=PtqbrxB_S_4 In this video I will discuss Modafinil Synergy and Interactions...
***********/watch?v=PtqbrxB_S_4 In this video I will discuss Modafinil Synergy and Interactions Synergy is the joint action of two or more agents that Produces a combined effect greater than the sum of their individual effects Modafinil Synergy: Modafinil is synergistic with Yohimbe Yohimbine  a stimulant and aphrodisiac from the plant Yohimbe  Also enhances norepinephrine activity, but you should be careful because This combination can cause a dangerous increase in heart rate and blood pressure Modafinil is also synergistic with coffee and caffeine, but the same warning applies Interactions of Modafinil: Birth control pills have decreased effectiveness when combined with Modafinil The mechanism is that Modafinil upregulates (increases the quantity) of an enzyme Which breaks down the contraceptive hormones Thus, higher doses of birth control pills may be needed 400mg/day of Modafinil for a month significantly reduced levels of estradiol and Norgestimate in a study of 16 women Modafinil also interacts with Opiates (including Methadone) The action of these drugs can be substantially shortened Concomitant use of opiates and Modafinil results in the formers decreased effectiveness If you suffer from epilepsy, or serious hepatic or renal disorders, Modafinil can be contraindicated to you Another thing to remember is that in some countries Modafinil is considered a doping agent and a prohibited stimulant Long-term use has also been associated with instances of elevated liver enzymes Thus, if you plan to use Modafinil for an extended period of time, You should have your liver function tested to establish a baseline, And then retest after 3 months and again every 6 months thereafter to spot changes If abnormalities appear, reducing the dose or stopping the drug should permit a return to normal One last but very important thing Combining Modafinil with Alcohol is a very bad idea At least 24 hours should pass between your last Modafinil dose and Alcohol use In most situations, I would advise against using Modafinil But I believe many will try it anyway so you might as well be correctly informed In this video we have discussed Modafinil Synergy and Interactions If you want to discover things about Modafinil which arent included in this video series then go to: *******DamianAlexander****/ModafinilPDF If you would like to learn more about critical nutritional supplements, life extension and disease prevention then subscribe to my youtube channel at: ***********/user/DamianAlexandersVids The easiest and shortest way to: *Double physical and mental energy *Strengthen immunity *Restore health, visit: *******HowToChangeYourOwnBatteries**** *******www.howtochangeyourownbatteries****/go/Modafinil