A Streetcar Named Desire (1951): Asking-about-losing-the-property

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The clip asking-about-losing-the-property from A Streetcar Named Desire (1951) with Marlon Brando, Kim Hunt...
The clip asking-about-losing-the-property from A Streetcar Named Desire (1951) with Marlon Brando, Kim Hunter. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film. - Looks like she's staying a while. - Yeah. - Hey, Stan, are we playing tonight? - Yeah. Well, I figured maybe we... - Forget about maybe. It's the same. - Stanley! - Oh, hi, Steve. - Put it down. - Now I'll go get the other one? - Yes. - Thanks, darling. - Stella? Yes? Is that Stanley back with my trunk? - Yes, Blanche. - Honey... ...will you get my blue net out for me? - All right, Blanche. It was so good of Stanley to call for my trunk. He was glad to do it. - I'll see you later. - All right. Listen, don't forget. Honey, I'm taking Blanche to Galatoire's for supper tonight... ...and then to a show because it's your poker night. How about my supper? I'm not going to Galatoire's tonight. I put you a cold plate on ice. I'm gonna try to keep Blanche out until the party breaks up. - I don't know how she'll take it. - Isn't that just dandy? So you'd better give me some money. Hey, where is she now? She's soaking in a hot tub to quiet her nerves. She's terribly upset. Over what? She's been through such an ordeal. We lost Belle Reve. - What, the place in the country? - Uh-huh. - Well, how? - It had to be sacrificed or something. Honey, look. When she comes in, say something nice about her appearance. And, oh, don't mention the baby. I haven't said anything yet. I'm waiting until she gets in a quieter condition. - Try to understand her and be nice to her. - All right. She wasn't expecting to find us in such a place. - All right. - I tried to gloss things over a little... ...in my letters. Admire her dress. Tell her she's looking wonderful. It's important to Blanche. Her little weakness. Okay, honey, I get the idea, but... Now, let's just skip back a little, the way you said the place was disposed of. Oh, yeah. Well, how about a few more details on that subject?