DIGIMON M.U.G.E.N Project 2013 - WIP - New Stage by RistaR87 ...

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download free: *******fileonlineworld****/s/download/892345/z51596/MUGEN.rar.html IMPORTANT!!! I don...
download free: *******fileonlineworld****/s/download/892345/z51596/MUGEN.rar.html IMPORTANT!!! I don't own Dragon Ball or its characters! Dragon Ball belongs to Akira Toriyama, Funimation and Toei animation. This is just a fan-made M.U.G.E.N game made by me and many other people. ========================================­==== DBAF M.U.G.E.N by RistaR87 & Dbzsupakid (2013 Update) ========================================­==== If you want to play the game on Full Screen press Alt+Enter I HAVEN'T MADE THOSE CHARACTERS AND STAGES. I ONLY MODIFIED SOME OF THEM AND GATHERED THEM ALL IN A SCREENPACK MADE BY DBZSUPAKID -There are 18 new characters. In this video my 2 edits: Adult Gotenks (Gogeta by Dgz/Zgteam) Goten SSJ4 (Goku SSJ4 by Bruno_SS) - special thanks to my friend Froozen K for the idea and sprite - :) What else is new? ...Saibamen Invasion bonus, Broly SSJ4 can now transform to SSJ5, new palettes added for some characters, most of the characters are balanced... and more. I recommend you to download and see for yourself :) ======= CREDITS ======= -Special Thanks to: FRS GAMES, Team OS, Dgz Team, MugenMundo, Midnight Fighters Team, Mephistopheles, Szowel, Sawady, Necromancer, Franciynaldo, FlowaGirl, Goten88, Pextin, Chrono Strife, Wasaby, Saikyo, SaWWeN, TOPS, Teromugen, Ippo, Dark King, Trunksin4, Nahue77, Team Spirit Z, Zerberus_Dante, Kurihan, Cyphe, Heartbreaker, NaruHinaFan2008, Brayan, Kamase, Haseo, Roken, Razalix, Ynvaser, Zero Liger, Bruno_SS and Julian_Sk for all the awesome characters :D ...and Special Thanks to all creators of the magnificent stages I used :) I also want to thank my friend Dbzsupakid for making ScreenPack and an awesome Stage Preview!